OC in today's Daily Mail

OC in today's Daily Mail

Hi ladies I read this in today's Daily Mail, nothing that we already knew after diagnosis. I was fobbed off with having IBS now diagnosed with 3C high grade serous carcinoma.. I'd never heard of OC until my diagnosis and now I'm an expert telling all my family, friends, ladies I chat with when shopping... I just don't want any female to go through what I've experienced.. Love Michelle x

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  • Michelle, Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen that article and it's good to see that it looks quite large too. The Pathfinder report is out today and without seeing the article in full I assume that the facts are taken from there.

    I'm like you in that I will talk openly about my diagnosis, symptoms ( or lack of) and the fact that I'd been told I had kidney stones and was on anti biotics. It's only because I went back again to the GP and saw a new one that he said "I think you've come back here enough times and I'll send you for a scan" and the rest is history !!

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • What is The Pathfinder report and how can I get access to it Clare?



  • Hi Barbara, it's a wide ranging survey which has been done by Target Ovarian Cancer (this is the third) & it was launched at Westminster yesterday. Link here to access bith highlights and the full report... targetovariancancer.org.uk/...

    Most of this week's media stories will be based on some of the findings... Best wishes, Sx

  • Thanks for that Sunfleury. I have followed the link and found the report most interesting.

  • Barbara, I was just going to post the link when I saw Sunfleury had beaten me to it!,.

    Clare x

  • Thanks Clare for thinking of me. I appreciate your concern.

  • First time I've seen anything truthful or useful in the Daily Mail! The article is almost directly quoting the report summary.

  • I was also told I had IBS, then I had further bloods taken which showed I had the antibody for coeliac disease...I then had to see a gastroenterologist and have an endoscopy, to be told that the coeliac disease had been caught early and to go gluten-free immediately. It was only when the bloating and discomfort didn't go away, that I went back *again* and had more bloods taken that CA125 was included.

    I can't blame my GP because I had none of the risk factors for OC, but if only she'd have requested CA125 at the same time as the coeliac antibodies, I could have been caught *much* earlier. What was the probablility of having both illnesses with identical symptoms?! I was bloody unlucky!!

  • I was very lucky,had a young lady gp that was on the ball,but,glad you have shared this info.

    That is why I am taking some of Gilly49s info and cards to friends and doctors to do my small bit of raising awareness,

    Thanks for that Michelle

    Carole xxx

  • That's so true. I was fobbed off so took myself to A&E twice and was admitted on the second visit. During my hospital stay, the practice nurse phoned and asked me to make an appointment as they think I have a gastric problem.

    I told the nurse I was in hospital and cancer cells had been found in the 9 litres of fluid I'd had drained and that they've a very strong suspicion that it's ovarian cancer.

    I have no trust in my GP or the practice.


  • GBIRVMIC, I live in US and went to 5-6 docs for two years prior to diagnosis. I was misdiagnosed, dismissed and blown off by every single doctor I went to! I also told each of them I was a breast cancer survivor and NONE of them ordered CA125 or a CAT scan!!! I have worked very hard to not become bitter. Tesla

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