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Daily mail article today

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Hi all,

The daily mail on line has an article today on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, it is written alongside target ovarian cancer.

Hopefully this will help more ladies, their families and equally some GPs recognise some of the symptoms and diagnose and be able to treat us earlier.

Take care lovely ladies on what is a bright and, if I dare say, sunny day ❤️Xx Jane

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Target OC are hosting an event at Westminster today and with it a release of their updated Pathfinder report... there are quite a few women (and lovely friends) attending to help encourage the support of MPs to recognise the importance of awareness and parity of treatments throughout the UK.... Good to see some coverage in the media, thank you X

Thanks for posting . Great to see and hear about the event in Westminster.

I am also doing my small bit to help raise awareness this pm and speaking at an event in Canary Warf with Ovarian Cancer Action to tell my story along with a breast cancer and cervical cancer charity. Last time I spoke infront of a roomful it was to take an infant assembly so hoping I hold my nerve !

Thinking of all the lovely ladies having a difficult time with treatment at present and wishing you as good a day as possible .

Love and best wishes Kim x 💜

Hope it goes well. If you can take an infant assembly you can handle anything!

I read that online too. Yes hopefully it will raise awareness. The more awareness the better. Xx

Hi Jane, that sounds brilliant I will see if I can find it. I am so surprised how many woman don't know what the symptoms of this cancer is. Thanks for posting. Take care Cindyxx

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Cropcrop in reply to 85live4ever

Hi Cindy, it is surprising how little information is available out there on our disease. I knew virtually nothing about it before I was diagnosed, I have a superb GP who was totally on the ball and I got fantastic treatment really quickly, unfortunately I believe I’m in the minority. Keep well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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85live4ever in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane, I am glad you have an excellent GP that looks after you. I do have a good one now but my last one was dreadful & made me feel foolish every time I went to see her. I started complaining 5 years about oc symptoms before it was found. Good luck at staying well Jane.

Also I have taken a leaf out of your book I am now trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. Its a massive struggle for me & I have to stop after every 20 or so steps but I won't give up. Take care thanks for posting Cindyxx

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DBeavers in reply to 85live4ever

I prefer the BEAT Symptoms that arrange the most common symptoms to form a mnemonic, aiding women in memorizing them.

See them at NormaLeah.org .

They are the same four symptoms promoted by a number of different groups, so no disagreement with the others, just the preference for BEAT!

Hi Jane, I also had a great GP the moment I walked into her surgery with my bloated stomach she told me not to go home gave me a letter and I went straight to emergency at my local hospital and was booked in for surgery 2 weeks later, but by then I was high range by the time I went to her.

Awareness is the key to diagnosing this early.

Take care all Love ..Lorraine xx🎉🎉

I read it also and shared it. I learned a few new things and I thought I had known all the usual symptoms! On my Facebook page, I am posting something about OV every day in October. I can get myself quite worked up about the lack of awareness exposure about this disease. I so desperately want to see Teal be as well known as Pink. Keep shouting from the rooftops, ladies!

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DBeavers in reply to Mommoo65

I agree wholeheartedly, and I'm from the country that is known for its obsession with Breasts!

The Teal message is lost in a sea of Pink, like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

My wife and I participated in Breast Cancer walks two years in a row. Thirteen months later I lost her to the Teal cancer, a color for cancer we weren't even aware existed.

Recent studies show more than half the women in the U.S. believe that a Negative Pap Smear means they don't have Ovarian cancer. They don't have a clue it only tests for Cervical cancer.

I'm in my second year of raising Teal Awareness - online and off.

I think the belief that a negative pap means one is in the clear is the most jaw dropping knew. And NO Doctor I have ever been to has told me it doesn't check for other Ovarian cancers.

I had a negative pap smear 5 months before being diagnosed 3B!

Target Ovarian Cancer were really pleased with the press coverage they got on Wednesday and hopefully a lot more people will be aware of ovarian cancer and it's symptoms this week as a result.

I was at the reception in Westminster briefly but had to leave early with one of the TOC PR team as we went to do a live interview for ITV London. It was quite scary, especially as it was live, but I really wanted to help get the message out there. Some of you have commented here and on Facebook about whispering symptoms which I think is such a great description (and these were the early symptoms that I overlooked and put down to menopause) so I used that as a focus for the interview and asked women to make time to stop and listen carefully to their bodies.

It was just me doing the interview with the PR from TOC but I hope I was speaking on behalf of many of us xx

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