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I worry too much

Another bad day.

I'm thinking that my prognosis would be different if my cancer found like 5years. now was found, therefore, only a few cancer cell. accidentally.

doctor said my slow-growing cancer would be able to grow 5-10 years before it is even noticed or bother me.

Is this good?

Im so down right now, I hate chemo and my damn chemoBRAIN. agh..


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Hi Daniella

I think on balance having slow growing cancer is probably a good thing... more time between chemos, more time for new treatments to become available etc but I suspect like me you compare life with cancer to what life might have been if you had never had it. That's a loss we all bear.

I'm also having one of those times when I think about 'what might have beens' a lot.

It may pass once I've come to terms with finishing Avastin but if it doesn't I'm going to get some counselling support.

Taking care of ourselves is top priority- chemo is hard work so don't be hard on yourself xx Lyndall


Thank you so much.

Happy weekend xx


I know exactly how u feel about down days, most on here do too. I've finished chemo now and just on avastin which starts next week and I feel so uncertain. I've asked for some counselling which is due to start soon and my local hospice has arranged for me to have a massage there and I've phoned Maggies centre to get on a look good feel better day. All of which I hope are going to give me the boost I'm looking for. I feel sure it will get better. The lovely ladies on here are proof of that. Chemo will soon be over and you will start to feel better. Keep going!!!!

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Thanks :)

Hope everything goes well for you , have a great weekend !


I went to look good feel Better last week it was really good and you get a lovely bag with all the stuff you need to make you look good xx

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Hi Daniella Not sure what I can add to what the other two ladies have already said except to say it does get better! Once chemo has finished you will start to get stronger each day, feel better each day. That's not to say you should start rushing around! Give yourself time to recover and have treats, such as lunch out with a friend etc and then before you know it 'normality' albeit a slight new 'normality' will return. The mundane shopping, cooking, ironing sort of mundane normality returns and life goes on. We've all been there with the down days so we all know how you are feeling. When you start to feel stronger physically you will be surprised how this affects your strength mentally. I hope you have a goodweekend. Kathy xx


Thank you ❤

Have a good weekend too!


I agree with Kathy. The better you feel physically, the better you will feel mentally. I finished my chemo in May and I am now getting fairly close to normal. We had a lovely walk along Wenlock Edge today and I can almost keep up with my husband on the hills! Life is good and more precious because I came close to losing it.

By the way, I sympathise about chemo brain-it's awful, but it does improve!!

Love and hugs

Lou xxxx


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