Decadent breakfast

Decadent breakfast

I am in sunny Lanzarote and said that I would post a picture. I'm not ready to put one of me yet although I am going wig less here and showing off my patchy white haired scalp. I've seen a few looks but I don't care. Walked ten miles Sunday and suffered yesterday with a bad back and achy legs but apart from that I feel normal again. I've shown a picture of my smoked salmon, cream cheese and champagne breakfast. Doesn't everyone. Lol xx

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  • Marvellous... Sod the people that give you looks it's there problem!!! Glad your getting to chill out and relax I'm so jealous lol 😍😍🍸🍸

  • I'm so glad your in Lanzorote and enjoying the sunshine, I go there in November and can't wait.

    I'm too suffering with pain in my back and hips if I walk too much. But in putting it down to the Beva I'm on.

    Enjoy yourself and if people give you funny looks, just think to yourself this hairstyle took a lot of getting lol xxx

  • I'm blaming the avastin too. I feel fine today x

  • Hi, yep I well remember that pain from the Avastin but it does improve eventually. Sooooo glad you are enjoying your holiday! As for people looking, as Shelly says, sod em, they have the problem not you! Lack of hair to me felt like a battle scar.... well you have fought hard!

    Enjoy the sunshine! xx Kathy xx

  • Mmm looks yummy πŸ˜‹, like shelleygirl said, sod the people giving you looks. Glad you are having a lovely chill out time. We can't manage a holiday at the moment, but are looking forward to 24th of November. I am a big Elvis fan and we are going to Manchester arena to see him (obviously not in the flesh 😁) his concert is going to be on a big screen and the philharmonic Orchestra will be playing

    So really looking forward to seeing that. Xx

  • I'm elvis fan too ... Went to Graceland just before OC got its claws into me lol loved it ...the concert sounds amazing I did get the album which I enjoy ..... Before I had chemo I did not think I would ever go out without a wig... I do and propel stare but I look them in the eye and think yes I'm bald what if it ?? One lady looked at me and smiled which melted my heart ... I have no time for the ones that stare I sometimes think why are you staring forgetting that I'm bald then it hits me and u just think his rude how very dare you lol love the battle scare idea Kathy it so is 😍😍😍

  • Any event to look forward to is a boost x

  • Yes we went to gracelands ten year ago it was a dream come true. Stayed for two weeks, best holiday ever. xx

  • Wonderful and yes very decadent! Good for you not wearing a wig... embrace it and the warmth of the sun on your head 😎 Have a great time Love Michelle x

  • So hot a wig would have been unbearable and anyway the sun normally makes my finger nails and hair grow. Here's hoping x

  • Tracey when you get home, if you haven't already, try Biotin tablets. They do work..

    Yes your wig might have melted in the heat!!

    Debs xx

  • I haven't heard of them bug I certainly will give then ago. Must remember when I'm re packing not tonly leave the wig. I've hidden it so the maid doesn't see it. Lol x

  • Have a great time ! I'm impressed with that walk !

    Judy xx

  • Wow that looks absolute delicious, I agree get out and about, if people want to look let them, remember you are just beautiful. Have a fab time

  • Last chemo done Tracey, I'm over the moon. On a high at the mo with the steroids so gone out shopping to Meadowhall in Sheffield while I feel fit. Didn't get far with the shopping Saturday as the Victoria centre shopping mall was evacuated due to a suspect package they thought may be a bomb. All I could think was how I've had the strength to fight this battle and live and then some bugger blows me up.!!!!!

    So glad you having a lovely time in lanzarote. Champagne breakfast too. Glad your spoiling yourself. And bugger the wig, in given up now. If people want to stare let them. You go girl. Xxxxx

  • So funny in a macabre way. Glad chemo is over. Go get yourself a treat now xx

  • Sounds like you're having fun!

    I bet your scalp will be yielding a healthy growth spurt with that sunshine! Slap on the sunblock though..

    Debs xxx

  • I went wigless 99% of the time albeit I did wear a little combat cap when out and about that covered the top half of my head.

    In a weird way I was waiting for someone to comment but they didn't , my neighbours little girl did ask why I had no hair one day when I was in the front garden. I told her I was having some strong medicine to maje me better which had caused my hair to fall out and she skipped away happy with my answer.

    HOWEVER (in a weird way!!) I was waiting for an adult to comment and a few weeks ago with my now very short regrowing hair someone at work (who didn't know about my cancer) said wow you've had your hair cut short!! Thank you I thought, "Yes I said and my hairdresser was Chemotherapy!"" That did shock him and he was embarrassed but I thought "Boom boom" - bit mean of me I suppose but I laughed.

    They look because that's probably what we would have done before our cancer journey, some are more obvious though aren't they?

    Fab breakfast, enjoy your wonderful holiday, love the thought of walking in the sunshine and the feeling of heat. Blissful and you deserve it.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I'm not looking forward to putting it back on for work. I might brave it. I've bought some organic hair colour. If that works I'll go wig less. Could end up looking like a swanvesta though. Haha x

  • Wonderful enjoy the sunshine so jealous lol wow well done 10 miles me too been doing a lot of walking you do suffer the next day but it is worth...I'm am off to Milan in couple days looking forward too it first break away since OC take care and carry on relaxing 😎



  • Enjoy. So deserved xx

  • Oh how lovely

    Enjoy big time xx

  • Fantastic have a wonderful break. The sunshine on your head will boost your hair growth. On holiday was the only place I had the courage to go bald and by the time I came home there was growth. I was delighted and that was the end of the wig. Enjoy 😎 Xo

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