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Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd write an update while I can to let you all know that so far everything is progressing very well with our holiday. We have now been away over 3 weeks with no problems. I am getting more exercise that at home, (never got a lot there anyway!), and eating a very healthy diet. We started with very grey weather, but I'm glad to say that this last week has been wonderful, and at the moment we are at a campsite with a thermal bath, so we've used that as well. My electric bike comes in very handy, but I do pedal as much as I can, then use the electric to catch up with my husband on his pedal bike!

Hopefully we will get another 3 weeks provide I am still ok, so here's hoping that will be the case. (Mind you if your weather doesn't improve I'll stay here until my check up!!)

Love n hugs


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  • Arctic conditions here, Viv, so stay right where you are and continue enjoying yourself. It sounds wonderful. Brrr, shiver!

    Linda xx

  • Hi Viv,

    Glad to know you are having a good time, you are not missing much the weather is dreadful here so stay put if you can, best wishes and happy cycling :-) love x G x 8-) 8-)

  • Great news Viv, have been thinking of you. Continue having a wonderful time in the sunshine..

    We have managed a few days away in the caravan at Poole, now just planning a trop to Cornwall

    Take care

    Love Suexx

  • Think us motorhomers/caravaners ought to have a meet up in the summer.....

  • Hi Viv! Great to hear you're feeling we'll and hAving fun. As the others have said its really horrible here at the moment, so you're best away from home! 8-)

    Keep on enjoying the better weather and the activity.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Glad you're still enjoying yourself. See you when you get back



  • Dear Viv, Thanks for letting us know you're doing we'll and having a great holiday. Stay away as long as you can. It's grey and wet here. Lovely to hear from you. Xxxx Annie

  • Hi Viv

    Sounds great. So glad you're feeling ok. Make the most of the sunshine, like the others have said. It's grey, wet and grim here. Not the best weather for making us feel great. Still maybe tomorrow.................

    Love Chris x x x

  • Hi Viv,

    Sounds like you are having a great time and feeling well so long may it continue. Im looking forward to some trips in our newly acquired camper van in the summer too. May have to get a bike rack organised!!!

    MB x

  • Viv

    Continue to ENJOY it is great when you can get out and about it makes you feel so normal.

    Its nice to take all the winter layers off. Stay well make the most of your holiday,

    Regards Barbara

  • Glad to hear you're having a great time and some good weather. We are still looking at the snowflakes coming down here so you're wise to stay put out there and enjoy the sunshine.


  • Hi there Viv ,

    Really good to hear from you with an update on you and your holiday .It is not very nice here in Norwich at the moment nor anywhere else for that matter !

    Soak up that warm weather and sun !

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Hi Viv

    So glad you're enjoying yourself. Its snowing in London this morning and I've got my sexy thermals on again :)

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Viv, So pleased your having a good time,enjoy .Been making snowmen here with grand children this morning, so relax and take it easy in the sunshine .

    Love Sue x

  • You would be nuts to come back to this snowy cold place if you still feel good, I'd stay there if I were you! Glad you are having fun.

    Love sue xxx

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