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Hey all !

The dr told for my mom that se didnt have NOTHING in her body,no abdomen or peritoneum,cause they operate all out and flush the abdomen.

Also my mom read somewhere that platinum chemo didn't respond low grade oc ( this article was almost 10years old ) and she is so confused because she is having it???

Also in same article tells that 90 % who had OC are going to die because of it. I believe that chemos and medicines ( hormone therapy and immunetherapy ) are those things why women live longer with this disease.

We are so confused.. Of course we have to trust doctors ,but why my mom is having chemo if she havent anything left on her body and low grade doesnt respond well to chemo.She is having last chemo next week.

Dr tells that when/if this cancer recur ,avastin is so good , in my moms case. They dont give that now because she dont have to have it.

She going to get hormone therapy but what is responsive with that?

Argh, all this is so confused ... Sorry.

Is it possible to live with low grade oc rest of the life?

Thanks all xx N

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Hi Nataliaa

Your Mum should have the name of her specialist nurse who would be able to answer your questions. It sounds to me that her team (surgeon oncologist etc) are probably finding out new stuff about how her cancer is responding and they are adjusting her treatment to give the best drugs for her cancer ( there are several different kinds of ovarian) . But you are right to ask for an explanation .

Also they will want to make absolutely sure that they have mopped up any microscopic cells even though the surgeon couldn't see anything else inside.

Keep asking until you find someone who can talk you both through it.

All the best to you and Mum xx L


Thanks L , we will !

Xx N


I have clear cell cancer but my surgeons recommend chemo as belts and braces as I too had no cancer cells left behind... I feel that chemo is giving me the best chance of survival blasting it early and hoping it does not come back ... There is a lot of information out there about survival rates but it's not bang upto date and things are always improving 😃😃


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