6 month review!

6 month review!

Greetings one and all!

I had my 6 month review today and all went well! I had convinced myself that it was just another apt and didn't think I was even thinking that much about it but on my way to the apt this morning a totally irrational anxiety took over me to the point I was afraid to eat in case I got sick!!! Doc was great just had a chat and he did do an ultrasound and said all looked fine no fluid or anything else as far as he could see! The relief!!!! I was a cool as a breeze or so I thought until this morning.......the mind is a powerful thing sometimes!!!!

Anyway hope you are all well! I am sitting here having a detox juice and looking out at the river Corrib (pic view from the window) and all is good with the world!!!!

Have a good day one and all!!


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  • Looks lovely D. Glad you feel relieved and have a sympathetic doc. Enjoy the rest of your day


  • Well done..it's a good feeling isn't it after all the anxiety beforehand.

    Here's to the next six months🍾🍷 may your good health continue.

    Lynda X🌷X

  • Hi D. Lovely photo, great news for you, being positive is half the battle 😊 enjoy what's left of the day

    L x

  • That's brilliant news, D! Enjoy your day 😎

    Yosh xxx

  • Great news that everything's ok.... Appointments have been our life for so long it seems to me it's all I've focused on for along time... You sit and think and you feel fine you don't feel as though your dwelling on things as you fight to stay strong but deep down its always there!!! We have to get past this and live and a good result helps us to move forward ... What a lovely view enjoy so pleased for you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hi D. Glad all went well!. I can totally relate with the feeling sick. I have the results of my scan on 19th, don't give the result a thought until I'm sitting in that room waiting for the Dr to come in. Then my mind starts, I feel sick, if my hubby tries to joke about I tend to rip his head of bless him, you'd think he's have learnt by now to leave me be. If the nurse comes in with the Dr I know I'm in trouble but so far this time round that hasn't happened. Onwards and upwards for you D, wishing you well, enjoy that juice and the view. Kathy xx

  • Good luck on the 19th Kathy!


  • Great news D stay positive, I'm trying tooo get my head around everything but feeling more positive this week although it's only Tuesday!!continue to inspire us xxxx

  • 😊Pleased to hear that you had good news D. Wishing you well for future appointments .


  • Wonderful news

  • That's great news, it is funny the way our minds run riot coming up to appointments, my monthly review is Thursday and I am all over the place. Kittie

  • Good luck Thursday Kittie!


  • Good luck kittie xx

  • Try and stay positive kitty and sending you lots of luck xxx

  • great news D, long may it continue. You can stop all the worrying for the next 6 months. hugs, Jeanette x

  • I can totally relate to this, I have my scan results tomorrow and have been fine until the GP rang to see if I needed any support :( He just mentioned the dreaded OC and set me off!

    so pleased your appointment was a positive one x

    can I ask what's in the detox juice?

    Asma x

  • Good luck tomorrow Asma!

    It was a coffee shop where I got the juice and it was Apple Pear Lemon and Matcha tea! It was yummy!


  • that sounds yum!

  • Good luck for tomorrow Asme. Kathy xx

  • So pleased to hear that news D. My 6 month review is on 3rd November but already I find myself thinking about it which is ridiculous!

    Keep up the good recovery, you are doing so well.


  • Good luck for 3rd Nov Barbara xx Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy. That's really kind of you. Barbara

  • I hear ya Barbara it was sneaking into my head a few weeks ago but I managed to banish it......until this morning when it came like a steam train!!!

    Best of luck!


  • Thanks Dee. I appreciate that. Barbara

  • Barbara the 3rd of Nov is a busy day as my first appointment post treatment is the same day, good luck for the 3rd Nov.

    Ellsey xx

  • Good luck with your apt too Ellsey!


  • Hope your appointment will go well too Elisey We shall have to compare notes afterwards! Barbara

  • Great news! You must be feeling so happy! Wonderful photo too! All the best! Helen

  • So pleased that is the best news

    LA xx

  • Hi d,

    We all get ourselves up the wall don't we?

    I am doing just the same before my routine scan at end of October.

    Glad all went well

    Lots of love

    Carole xxx

  • Good luck Carole!


  • Thanks d xx

  • Wish you many many years to come with nothing else but a good news .. My 6 months check up is on the 17th and I feel relax so far mb till that day .. xoxo suela

  • Good Luck Suela!


  • Thank you ☺️

  • HI D well that was a pretty picture. I am glad your review went well and your celebrated with a juice and the tranquil waters of the the Corrib. No better place to be indeed. Yes although we try to stop being irrational about check ups, it is impossible to close our minds to them, So well done and best wishes to those with reviews coming up this week

  • Very happy to hear this, Dee! I think you did very well keeping the anxiety at bay until the actual morning so well done with that. Beautiful view of the Corrib! Thanks! Wishing you happy healthy times ahead! Xx

  • So pleaaed for you and that what an awful feeling to have had before your appointment. This is the truth about this cancer - even when there is a NED result we cant fully relax, even if we think we are. !

    That looks a wonderful place to sit and relax.

    Take care

    Ckare x

  • Great news, really lovely to hear some good news. Sxx

  • So pleased for you xx

  • Ah so pleased for you D it's only natural to be anxious prior to your appointment, no matter how far you push it to the back of your mind. Now to the next six months.

    Ellsey xx

  • Brilliant news D and what a lovely view. Good luck to all you lovely ladies waiting for your reviews. X

  • Very happy! I have my 4 month review tomorrow, so easy to get worked up, we spend so much time going to hospitals etc and have heard so much bad news it's hard not to worry. Xxx

  • Good luck tomorrow!


  • Enjoy your day D, the view looks lovely! 😃

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