I had my first round of chemo a couple of weeks ago and for the most part it went well. The Neulasta shot afterwards was what really got me down due to achy bones which was nearly unbearable at times. Im starting to lose some hair which has me highly emotional. I'll be having my second treatment next week. I hope I can better manage the side effects this time around.

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  • Hi. I just want to wish you well for your next chemo. Its seems like a lifetime ago I was where you are now and whilst its a tough journey its doable and worth it. Stay positive you will get through the Chemo. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xx

  • Hi, I started my chemo just over 3weeks ago and so have just had my second session. I too started to lose my hair after the second week, even though I tried the cooling cap. For me it helped me mentally, cutting my hair short in preparation (just in case), as I felt losing my long hair would be too emotional. I had a new wig last week, named Miranda and I love it! It's actually a nicer style than my own original style, a different colour, slightly lighter and highlighted (why not!) and so natural looking, the comments I get really do lift me. Please do mention any symptoms to your consultant, as they can advise you regarding symptoms, I did and I'm finding things easier after my second round. Good liuck xx

  • You go girl and keep feeding positive vibes on this site cos all us sisters need it!! Love the Miranda pun, maybe you should think about getting a Carrie next, and when your chemo is over Defo a Samantha, cos us ladies have all got a bit of Samantha in us especially when ya feeling better looooool 😜😜🤗🤗🤗xxx

  • SLFranklin, I am surprised that you were given Neulasta so early in your treatment. One of my dear friends and fellow survivors had warned me that Neulasta shots caused her serious bone pain and felt worse than chemo side effects. My oncologist told me that I needed that shot. I asked why and was told "It's just what we do." I asked WHY? What is the threshold? I pressed the issue and found out that I didn't actually need it at all. I finished nearly a year of chemo Aug. 10 and didn't need a single Neulasta shot. FYI, Neulasta bills out at a VERY high rate in the US which makes me feel like I was being "sold" something I didn't need. Tesla

  • Good luck and keep being brave there are lots of positive people on here who have been through what you are!!my friend had chemo and lost all her luscious curls, she bought some fab scarves and looked lovely in them!!! Also her curls are now back in abundance now, I can't imagine what you are going through but stay strong and keep focusing on the outcome, it's a huge steep hill but keep thinking you will get to the top and shout F@@@k you cancer you've choose the wrong girl!! I've only just found a mass and will be operated on in few moths don't know if it's cancer yet, so if I climb the hill I shall be expecting you to cheer me on

    Bless you my lovely and remember your not alone!!! Xxxx

  • Hi, I'm just a few weeks behind you and will start chemo soon. Just want to send you positive thoughts and the strength you need. I find posting on this site incredibly helpful and it makes me feel that I am not alone. We are not alone. Hang on in there. Sx

  • Your not alone and stay strong and brave we will all kick the ass of this terrible disease xxxxx

  • Ok for bone pains, dead sea salt baths twice a week, high in potassium and magnesium, 1 kilo per bath of at least 20 minutes length. Also if you alternate paracetamol and neurofen before pain becomes too bad it works much better. My hair has fallen out twice now and it grows back very strong and thick so I look at it as starting again and all the options I have, try th Look Good Feel Better course if they have one, it's really worthwhile. Good luck xxx

  • Sorry you have to deal with the chemo for this nasty disease. I am glad your first round of chemo went well for you. I am on my last round today. I lost my hair right on schedule like you are starting to experience. I had a good wig ready and had my head shaved when the fallout started. i felt I had control of the situation. The hair loss was emotional for me also. It actually is a lot quicker start to the morning with the wig. quick shower and no fuss with the hair drying and styling not to mention the coloring. Remember it is only temporary. your hair will regrow, it shows the drugs are targeting the fast growing cell as they are supposed to do to the cancer cells. Stay strong and do keep in touch. we are here to support.

    the Nupogin shots helped with the WBC's. I had sharp bone pain but heat helps with that.

    XX Carol

  • Take a 10mg Claritin (Loratidine) after the injection. Works every time but it can't be any other antihistamine

  • I agree with jmackmom on the Claritin. I took it for about 3 days starting the day before Neulasta on the advice of my onc. Didn't have any bone pain. I had the Neulasta as my blood count dropped so low that my treatment was being delayed. I'd advise checking with your insurance to make sure they cover it. It's a grey area for many. Good luck

  • Hi, just want to give you something to think about. I had a big head full of thick curly hair. Before it fell out I got my sister to make me a head piece using my own hair and was delighted with it! Tie small rubber bands around sections of hair, glue ends using hair glue, machine stitch onto cooling cap and as you won't have enough hair to fill the crown part in, different scarves and hats can be worn.😁 Ladies with long hair can also make plaits and stitch to cosy winter hats.l also made a fringe , stitch onto hairband, were around head under scarves and hats . I lost my hair back in 2011 and again in 2013 and although l had a wig l only ever wore my own hair, it just felt more comfortable for me so maybe someone going for treatment might find this useful 😘 Good luck x

  • 1924 I wish I would have seen this sooner. My hair started coming out by tbe handful a couple of days ago so I just had it all cut off yesterday. Those are some great ideas though. Thank you.

  • Ah Slfranklin, sorry to hear that but there are lots of great wigs and hair pieces out there. I also found "Sleek" brow kit good, l think it's from Urban decay 😜 Best of luck with your treatment!x

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