Gem/carbo worse than carbo/taxol???

I had my first gem/carbo on Thursday and yesterday and today it's knocked me rotten! Still feeling sick can't go to the loo and the fatigue is something else I wasn't this tired after the debunking operation! I sailed through my first round of chemo with very little effects I thought this regime was supposed to be easier?? Any tips greatly received xx

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  • I know just how your feeling, I was on the same for my first 3 sessions, it took 11 days to go to the loo after taking doctors farmacias and oncologist's advice on what to take. on the 4 th session my blood pressure dived and I had to have the session stopped, then on the 5 th session, my oncologist tried putting the carboplatin through more slowely over 2 hours, but 10 minute into the carboplatin the same happened again!!, I see my oncologist tomorow, and will have chemo on Wednesday, but as yet I don't know what it will be, I'ts obvious I can no longer tollerate carboplatin!! I had no problems with it my first 6 sessions in 2014, but I guess there's only so much your body can take, I am also finding this second round a lot harder. Like all the lovely ladies on this site, we are all doing the best we can and hoping the end result will be a good one, so I wish you all the best, and hugs!! xxx

  • HI Alisonwright, I am sorry you are feeling yuck at the moment. It will pass in another day or so. Have you been on steroids with this treatment? Sometimes the anti sick meds need to be changed so perhaps this is the case. I would advise ring your CNS and see if she could get the onc or registrar to phone in a prescription to your Chemist. Yes the loo thing is a struggle, so try and drink plenty of fluids and take any of the laxatives you have been prescribed. A good tip is to add hot water to whatever you take. Prune juice or prunes in juice are good or try a kiwi half an hour before food. You are probably not eating so perhaps try plain biscuits or ginger biscuits and flat seven up. Do keep your fluids up if you can manage

  • Thanks Suzuki, that was nice to read that it will pass in a day or so I was thinking I was going to be like this for the full course of treatment. I am not a good patient I need to be up and about doing stuff cant sit still normally. I have put a call in to the CNS but that will probably be the end of the week before they get back to me. I will take on the rest of your advice thank you so much xx

  • That is the worst part, not being about to get out and about or do stuff around the house its like cabin fever.

  • Oh I need to be offering apologies the CNS has just rang me back oops!! she was very helpful and agreed with you that it should only be a day or two!

    yeah I hate cabin fever I have a dog and like to get out trucking around she is mopesing around today because she hasn't been far poor thing chemo even effecting the dog enjoy the rest of the day xx

  • Alison the fatigue was the most frustrating bit for me on 2nd line chemo. Used to drive myself mad and get cross they it was taking extra time for me to get on my feet. If I could give you one bit of advice it would be just accept its different this time and you need to chill out more. I adapted this advice closer to the end of my treatment and stopped me being so hard on myself.

    Stretch your bad day schedule out a bit and give yourself longer to recover, if you're on your feet earlier will feel like you've made progress xo

  • Thanks Julie x

  • I had carboplatin/gemcitibine with avastin for second line and I have found this the toughest combination to deal with. The fatigue was incredibly difficult and I felt awful the whole time I was on it. I hope you are using laxitives

  • I take Beneffect probiotics for all my digestive problems p,us bought a nutribullet , I freeze ripe bananas and make a smoothie with kiwi and anything else I fancy plus ice, really helps me xxx

  • Thanks for the tip I will try them

  • The Gemzar is worse than taxol/carbo. I have had the worst fatigue. I just had my last one last Thursday. I'm really hoping I start feeling better soon. I really hate not being able to do much of anything.

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