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Hi Ladies

I keep reading about these and not claimed as if I'm honest I have no idea if I'm supposed too. Is this part of an entitlement being diagnosed with OC? I was diagnosed in December last year with 3C and had surgery followed by 6 rounds of chemo with Avastin which ended in June. Now on Avastin maintenance until March. I work full-time and receive full salary but only now working 5 days/5 hours per day - this is my choice as long as I'm upto it. Could someone give me some guidance here. Love Michelle x

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Having a diagnosis of OC on its own does not qualify you for benefits. However the affects of OC and its treatment may lead to qualification if they impact sufficiently on your ability to carry out everyday activities, work and/or get around.

ESA is only payable if you are unable to work and replaced the old Invalidity Benefit.

PIP is not means tested and can be paid whether you are in work or not so long as you are aged 16 to 65 years. PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance but has a much stricter criteria. It was originally designed to help with the extra costs incurred if you are unable to manage independently due to illness or disability.

Initially claims are made by phone and the DWP agent will ask you some questions to check if you meet the basic qualifying criteria. If you do they will then send out a lengthy questionnaire for you to complete. Be aware that if your claim is successful then it will be back dated toy the date of this call.

There is a special part of the form to complete if you have cancer which does make it a bit easier. Also there is a much easier fast track system if your doctor would class you as terminally ill for the purpose of your claim.

In my opinion the deciding factor between a successful or unsuccessful claim is all to often dependent on how skillfully the questionnaire is completed. Ideally you need step by step help from an experienced professional so it is worth checking out who can help in your area. This maybe your CNS, a local welfare officer maybe from !social Services or Citizens Advice. Or organizations such as Disability Rights UK produce excellent detailed guides as to how to apply for PIP.

It is my feeling that many of us who have paid into the system for many years would qualify for benefits but don't make a claim.

Hope this helpsx


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