Can you share your experience of Cediranib?

Good morning Ladies and Gents,

NICE, the National Institue of Health and Care excellence are asking for patients experiences of Cediranib in order to determine wether or not it should be avaliablefor women via the NHS.

We have been asked to nominate patients who would be willing to share their insight, and also asked Ovacome for a submission. Cediranib is not yet in general NHS use, but some of you may have had it as part of a clinical trial.

We would be most grateful if you would let us know if you have had Cediranib by emailing us at

Many thanks


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  • HI Louise, I actually havent heard of this drug as yet I am not sure if it is even used in Ireland at the moment. Our health system is failing miserably and the clinicians have a hard job getting the drugs

  • Thank you. It's not in general use and isn't even licenced yet, which is why we are finding patients experiences a challenge to gather. Sorry to hear that drug access is a problem for you too. Hopefully Cediranib will be licensed soon and we will all be able to celebrate the arrival of a new weapon in the armory.

  • Louise ICON 6 TRIAL in 2014 included chemotherapy and cediranib a 3 group trial I didnt receive the drug I had the placebo. Perhaps this may jog ladies memories who may have been received the drug in the trial.

    Regards Barbara.

  • I was on Cedranib trial and received the drug. Im on holiday, can I email at the weekend? what exactly do you need to know ?

  • Hi,

    If we could chat when you get back from holiday, that would be great. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Hello Louise....long time since we last spoke. I have only just seen this post and may be too late. I was on the Icon 6 trial. Know it was the real thing for 6 months and then the placebo! I reacted very well to the first 6 months with few side affects.



  • PS You have my number if you wish to discuss further for more details. L

  • Thanks Linda, Sadly the time has now passed. The manufacturer withdrew the application so now NICE are not looking at it. :-(

    Thanks you though. Good to hear that you did well on the trial.

    L x

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