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Peritoneal cancer stage iv

Hi, i write from italy. My mother started ti ha e peritoneal cancer in 2013 from the cysts in the ovary. ️S he fought that and cured in a little bit but now is again here.. She do a chemio but is destructive and now the doctors wants to change the treatment. They says surgery is not possible. What can i do for help her? Is a bad period..

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I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. We could not do surgery because it was so advanced - it had spread throughout the peritoneum and to a lymph node above my collar bone. We began with carboplatin and Taxol for 6 months. Taxol was weekly to reduce the amount I received. After 6 months, a CT showed no visible signs of cancer. We proceeded with a year of monthly Taxol infusions. Still cancer free and in three months I hope to get off the Taxol. The carboplatin was really tough. Taking it resulted in neuropathy in my feet and hands, which is now gone from my hands but lingers some in my feet. A pulmonary embolism which could have been caused by broken up cancer or the chemo, kept me down for several weeks. All this to say, these are some side effects your mother may experience. Work with your mom's doctors to find the best nausea meds, keep a variety of easy foods (see below) approved by her doctor and water on hand and encourage her to take in as much as possible. If she is not eating, make an appointment for a drip to keep her hydrated. Make sure she has someone to go with her to all appointments if possible, to hear what is said. Ask any questions that you have - no question is a bad question. If you do research, do so only at reputable cancer institutes and hospitals. We made a chart of meds we could check off- by name, time of day to take, etc., to keep up with it all and to make sure nothing was missed.

Gatorade for electrolytes

Water, ice chips. Leave a bottle of water on the nightstand. Make sure the top isn’t on too tight.

Ensure different flavors

Cold seedless grapes, honey dew melon, watermelon, and cantaloupe

Yogurt, pudding, cottage cheese

Baby foods

Scrambled eggs

Chicken soups or plain chicken stock.


Ice cream and sherbet


Apple juice (also helps with constipation)


Beef stock

Plain rice with a little butter and salt

Canned (soft) pears or peaches

Real fruit juice popsicles.

Also on the nightstand and close by:

Lip balm

Baby wipes, tissues

Biotin mouth moisturizing rinse and spray

You've come to a great resource for information and encouragement. Hope this is helpful. Prayers for you and your mom.


You don't say what kind of 'bad'. Is it nausea ? Sickness? Mine is controlled fairly well by the medicine I'm prescribed. I had to have the kind of chemo I have changed because I had an allergic reaction to carboplatin, even though I'd had it twice before. I was diagnosed stage 3/4 in 2010 and this is my third chemo. Surgery isn't an option for me either.


the chemio i destructive.. so what do you did from past to now for cure?


Hi Riccardo

Tried to reply earlier but some computer problem. Just to reassure you that you will find women with similar experiences to your mother on this site. I was also diagnosed with PPC in 2011 and as in your mothers case surgery was not an option. I am not sure what chemo your mother was treated with but the standard chemo in Ireland U.K and other countries is carboplatin and taxol which I had 6 rounds of leading to remission . I have read of many women on the site having to change treatments as they could not tolerate a particular one. Try to see the positive in this in that they are offering your mother an alternative. Ask as many questions as you need and write them down before you see the doctors . I see one of the replies here gives lots of good advice on nutrition and dealing with the side effects of treatment. So many women want to help you and your mother so please just ask anytime. Ciao


thanks for write to me, so you have the same thing? i think was treated with no different chemio but now the change the tratmen beacuse is very destructive. i hear that astragalus and other natural supplement for immune system are good..


Hi Riccardo

I would go with Suzukis advice on this site. Please talk to consultants again about your mothers treatment . Also if I understsnd you correctly you are thinking possibly of using herbal remedies of some kind. I would advise you to seek the advice of the medical team before taking any supplements . I do recall that before I started my treatment I was warned not to take any herbal supplements. Meanwhile take one day at a time. I pray and wish for your mother that a suitable option will be chosen for her .


I would think go and speak to your Mothers consultant and ask why treatment is being changed, obviously there are good reasons behind it. Any side effects can be managed by telling the Oncology doctor and the nurses in the Chemo Unit. You can get anti nausea tablets etc. Wishing you and your mother well, she is lucky to have you to care for her. It is hard to watch a parent being ill but I do hope you will also have many happy days.


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