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Post Abdominal hysterectomy surgery

I had my operation on October 1st and am still suffering from a kind of pulling sensation around the ribs. It started when I had carboplatin. Thought it would have gone away by now. Just wondered if anyone else has been having similar symptoms? It makes me feel tired at times and cannot do much especially when I lift something. Should I see speak to my oncologist nurse?

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It would not hurt to have a word with your oncology nurse... I have had a few twinges and talking to my nurse did set my mind at rest. I always think it is better to mention things like this as they are the experts 😍

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Hi. I would definately contact your nurse. I had my surgery back in February and I'm still having pain and a pulling sensation below my right ribs. My oncologist wasn't worried about it as she thought it could be internal scarring from where my omentum was removed, and nothing showed up on a CT scan, but I'm finding it's getting worse rather than better. I've been trying to get in touch with my key worker to discuss it with her and perhaps have an earlier appointment with the oncologist rather than waiting until the end of the month, but all I get are out of date ansaphone messages. It's so worrying having pains you don't know for sure what they are, given the way ovarian cancer presents itself, but my oncologist at least, doesn't seem to understand that. Hope you have a more satisfactory response.


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