Pom T

Has anyone looked into Pom T as a health supplement?

It was originally developed for men with prostate cancer. My husband has stage 4 diagnosed start of last year, this year I was diagnosed 3C PPC/OC.

The company has started research into other cancers including OC. Www.Pom-T.com or cancernet.co.uk/Pom-t.htm

Reading other posts where forum readers suggest tumeric and other polyphenols as possible dietary help, this might be a one capsule help.

Thought it might be of interest


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  • Pomegranate juice... I have heard that it is good for the prostrate so maybe what's good fit the goose is good for the gander... I'm not a fan of tablets but drinking the juice could not do any harm... I'm all for trying things to help ... Cranberry juice is good for urinary tract infections too so there must be something in it to help the fight !!! X

  • I read somewhere that a glass of Pom juice is good for Prostate and also OC now dont ask me where I came across the article but I bought some today anyhow, I have used it before, I also read a few years back on the benefits of Mango juice, some lady at chemo told me she had this every day as it takes the bad cells away from your body, I have juice every day anyhow so why not Pom juice for a change?

  • I love mango .. My hubby bought me some juice yesturday to try for different taste as chemo is affecting tastebuds... Glad it might help my OC too... Unexpected bonus 😍

  • Hi, I remember reading in The Daily Mail a few years ago about a Dr that had put his patient on a pill that contained Pom, and I think broccoli and another ingredient, I think , and his tumour was reduced very quickly . This was prostrate.

    I will have a look at juices today but have to be careful of the sugar content.


  • Pom is really good for bringing up your platelets!

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