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I thought I would share what I have been up to for the last few weeks I have been writing a song never done it before never realised how up lifting it is the workshop was organised by the big c centre the musician also brings in rare instruments from around the world also never laugh so much trying them out the song is not quite finish yet but cannot wait til next time I go

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  • Hi BobbyO

    Music is supposed to be brilliant therapy and you are obviously a talented musician. Of all the talents singing and playing music is up there. Now when God gave out the talents he didn't include a singing one for me. I have sung mangled versions of The Rose and Leaving on a jet plane at parties . Do you think anyone can be taught to sing ? Well done you


  • I think also anyone can be taught to sing there are sing your heart out workshops

  • Creative pursuits nurture our minds and bodies. Making something, writing, painting, singing, playing an instrument-- all of these activities change our focus which changes our thinking and allows us to be in the moment. Your post made my day!!! Tesla

  • I would say they 'charge' us and that nis what changes us!

  • Fantastic Molly I am a strong believer music lifts the soul.

    Ellsey xx

  • Sounds amazing! Music is definately soul food so I hope you eat your fill!!!! 😁😁😁



  • Sounds fantastic, what a dreadful pun but maybe 'Sounds fantastic' would be a good name for the group. Where is your group, perhaps through my hospital I could get something going like this. Gio

  • On kings lynn

  • I was brought up in Burnham Market. Now living in Penzance. good to hear that Lynn is not a musical oasis. When I was a teen I wanted to go to the Lynn Mart on my scooter with friends but my Mum wouldn't let me because she said Lynn was too rough! Maybe over the years it has become more gentrified! Wonderful to hear about the music. Keep it up. I play the violin down here, best thing I ever did.

  • I was born and brought up in Kent moved to Wisbech in 1986 now as I said live in kingslynn

  • Completely agree about music being so important to mood lifting. Yesterday I was making a jambalaya for the family dinner, and I started to sing the Carpenters song of the same name. My 21 yr old daughter simply couldn't understand my mangled lyrics (I looked it up on Youtube later and realised that I'd been singing the wrong words for years. What a laugh!

    I too would love to be involved in music more. I remember reading about one of us here who sang in a choir - was it you BobbyO? I'm off to sing something about sunshine today... x

  • I don't sing but there is a church that gets everyone together and it's called sing your heart out

  • No it was not me but my song about happiness

  • Totally agree with the music thing, as my online name suggests! Went back to my choir in April - that and playing my harp keep me happy! Keep on singing. Would love to hear your song.

  • When it's finish I will submit it

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