Meaningful songs

Hi ladies,

As you see by the time I can't sleep, so I have been looking at songs to uplift me and mean something to us ladies, for my son to put on my I pod for when I am waiting for the dreaded scan in October.

I have come up with loads but am starting with the following 4 and would like you to help me with some others,

White Light George Michael,

No more drama Mary J Blige

Fight song Rachael Patten

Feel Robbie Williams

Any ideas?

Hoping you are as well as can be,

Carole xxx

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  • Hi Carole,

    This one is on my playlist. It's chilled and optimistic and kept me going some days.

    'God's willing, I'll take you there, give you a lifetime holiday, make you feel glad just to be around..make sure you never have another day down...'


    Debs xxx

  • That's lovely Debs,feel really relaxed just listening to it,all I need is a beach!

    Hope you are well

    Carole xx

  • Morning Carole it's a peaceful time of morning but frustrating being wide awake! It's a good idea to occupy your mind and looking for appropriate pieces of music will keep you busy! I play quite often "Beat It" by Michael Jackson it's become my mantra! Good luck with your scan, mines not until February until my Avastin treatment ends 😁 Love Michelle x

  • Beat it,that's a good one! Especially as I went to see Thriller live last week,

    Thanks Michelle xx

  • Lifted - Lighthouse family

  • I forgot about them,Sandra,haven't heard from them for ages xx

  • Gloria Gaynor - I will survive

    Climb every mountain (Sound of Music)

  • Loving those,all such great songs xx

  • Fight song is one of the most appropriate songs for us warriors! I always feel like grabbing life by the balls when I listen to it!!!😂😂😂


  • Absolutely! If you didn't have your fight knickers on you'd be reaching for them xx

  • 'I Will Survive' was the very first song I heard after diagnosis. We hadn't listened to music for days, and when we finally put the radio on in the car, it came blaring out.

    I do love 'Fight Song' too.

  • The weirdest things happen when you least expect them, I will be putting this on my playlist xx

  • Hope you're asleep now, Carole! I'm always so impressed when people can jot down song names. I love listening to music and have a very varied playlist (everything from classical through to my son's tastes!) but can never remember the names/artists. It might be chemo brain or it might just be getting older, but I don't really care. I'll need to get your tracks on Spotify now! Have a good day everyone.

    Caroline x

  • Thanks Caroline,not much sleep last night! I don't seem to sleep as I did before diagnosis,but music helps, I always have too much going through my head,

    Hope you are having a nice day xx

  • I always remember when I was having Chemo, the radio was always on, the songs that played over and over were "Wrecking Ball" - Miley Cirrus and "Roar"- Katie Perry I used to think the Wrecking ball was the chemo and the Roar was me fighting back!

    Now if they come on the radio my daughter says "listen Mum your songs on!" its strange but I don't think of them as bad memories, just a reminder of an episode of my life!

    Take Care Everyone

    Andrea xx

  • HI Carole a little out of meaning but its the same basically my favourite is Gloria Gaynor, "I will SURVIVE"

  • I have two song One day at a time by Gloria song is over 30 years old and Roar by Kate Perry

  • Don't stop me now by Queen. We sing this in my rock choir and the words are really meaningful. I always feel elated after we've sung it. 😘🌻🌻

  • Thank you to all you lovely ladies,

    I have a lovely playlist now

    Carole xxx

  • No more drama love that song X

  • Don't we all wish for no more drama in our lives? Love Mary j xx

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