The Power of the Mind

I am waiting for a PET scan (Monday coming) for a possible re-occurence but after 9 years I am hoping for the best. When I first found out about my lump growing which prompted the further scan, I had constant pain in the area of my abdomen on the left where the lump is.. I mean real pain to the point of real discomfort. I then remembered I had downloaded Headspace on my Kindle which is an app for mindfulness.. 10 minute sessions a day. After the first one, I have had no pain or discomfort.. and even with my anxiety growing as the scan gets nearer, still nothing.

Can the body really 'create pain' from stress..? I don't know but I know it is making me feel better and able to cope..

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  • The power of the mind is such a strong tool. Checkout Lissa Rankin Mind Over Medicine xxx

  • Will do Lindy. x

  • I have done some mindfulness and found it helpful. The thing is that thoughts are words and not facts. They come and go in your head but its okay to think put then again concentrate on the breathe as you breathe in and out. You can do mindful practice in a wood or lake area and enjoy the beauty of the area you are in. Yes it does reduce stress levels. It is hard coming up to a scan because all sorts of things come into our minds because we are scared. We also react when waiting to see the consultant for results. I wish you well with your pet scan. It is hard to handle the possibility of a recurrence after so long but you are really doing well, Remember that there are plenty of treatments out there and if the worst comes to the worst you will hopefully go back into remission after any possible treatment, best wishes

  • Hi.. I love that.. thoughts are words and are not facts.. I am going to have that as my mantra! In my mindfulness it tells me that everything going on in your life can be like traffic.. the trick is to put the thought onto a car and I stand like an island in the middle. All of the thoughts are relevant but they don't affect me and aren't who I am.. it works..

  • That is a good idea too, it amazing how different mindfulness mantras can be?

  • Good luck for Monday- hope all goes well. I'm still waiting for cystoscope - some days I even forget I've got to have it!

  • Good luck for Monday ! Hope all goes well x

  • Good luck for Monday Gilly, I have a scan in October and I'm bricking it!

    Think I'm going to try this mindfulness though

    Carole xxx

  • I would give it a go.. it's nice too as when things are getting hectic around me I go upstairs and listen to a session and usually end up falling asleep. x

  • Meditation is so beneficial. I practise it everyday and it helps me to release so many things that I am not even aware are going on. I truly believe that this is a major stress buster and the good thing is the more you do it the more positive you feel. There is a really good podcast called : The Daily Meditation podcast. It's a great place to start.

  • I am in absolute agreement with Lindy, Lissa Rankin has changed my approach to this dreadful disease and I have recommended her book to many people - medics included. Please read.


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