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I'm wondering if any of you here had/still have a power port under the chest skin, for easy access for chemo treatments. My last treatment was in Sept. of last year, but I opted to keep the power port in place (I have terrible veins!). If you do, has it ever given you any trouble, as in feeling sore or painful? My port was flushed about a week and a half ago & I've had discomfort since even painful up into my shoulder. Of course, I wonder if I'm having a heart attack, or if the flushing caused a clot to break loose (don't even know if that's possible). If anyone has any experience in this let me know, please.

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  • Please call your medical team for a check....this should be seen,

    I have a new port and have had no issues yet.

    Good luck.

  • Hi, I've had my port for 2 years and was told it should be flushed every 6 weeks, I've have no problems do have it checked out. I have a pain in my neck and shoulder when I had it checked was told it was musell so went and had a massage. best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Minnie, I've had my power port for 23 months. Last Chemo was 11 months ago. I have it flushed anywhere from 6-9 weeks. (I forget sometimes.) Never had a single twinge or a minute of discomfort with it. I LOVE IT. I don't even feel it or know it's there unless I go looking for it. Been NED for 11 months, but keeping it in just in case. You definitely need to check with your doc about the pain and discomfort you are now experiencing so you can rule out infection.

  • Coming up in Sept., it will be a year for me....barring anything unforeseen! My port is now for "just in case" also.

  • Yes i agree with above. Good luck.

  • I've had mine in for 30 months no issues at all I have it flushed every 4-6 weeks. I would defiantly visit a doctor to get it checked, could be a little infection that needs sorting xx

  • How long since your last flush? I was told it is optimal to go no more than 6-8 weeks but if you had to, you could go three months --after that, not really sure what can happen but they shouldn't let you go longer. I have mine flushed on schedule (due to my clinical trial and the blood they need to draw) but even then, I can get pangs ton occasion --not my neck but above the port. I think as usual, the best bet is to mention the symptoms to your nurse or whoever flushes it when you have an appointment. They probably know if its something to be concerned with. Good luck!

  • Just had it flushed within the last month. I'm on a schedule of about 6 weeks...of course it didn't help that I completely forgot one appointment last month! Kind of threw everything off.

  • I had my 1st port for over 4 years but due to infections I had to have it removed in February. It was very painfull and after a couple of day it was very red around port area also very high temperature which resulted in a hospital stay twice in a month so look out for that. Had new port inserted in April but due to infection from day one I had to have it removed in June.

  • Wow, that sounds like a lot of trouble...wasn't aware that these things could go so wrong. I want to keep it in case of a reoccurrence, but......hmmm.

  • So did I my news one was never used. I was told for next recurrence I will get a pic line

  • I've had a pic line twice, for other things like antibiotics & blood draw. They can really get in the way, I think. That was a few years ago though, maybe they have improved since then.

  • I'm not sure if you are talking about a portacath but I had trouble with mine. Sometimes the flesh can start to grow around it and can cause a tightness. After checking for infections in the line itself and finding none it was decided that the flesh was just treating it like an irritant. I had aches and a lot of pains and as I no longer needed it the last use was 11 months previous they removed it and I have had no issues since. So definitely get it checked

  • Pigleto, thanks for this info. It never even occurred to me that scar tissue could grow around it.

  • Me either!

  • My port has been in for 5 years... They tried to access it a few months ago and said that it was clotted. They refuse to take it out because they say it causes more complications... They said it is normal for it to clot... I want it out!

  • So it's just supposed to sit in there, unusable? If it has clotted, isn't that what the flushing is for? Boy, I need to do some research!

  • My last treatment was in Sept 2016 also. The only time I have had issues is if the nurses try to use too big of a needle and they miss or shake the line too much trying to get it started. I have actually been bruised & sore several times after my flushes. Hoping it is something simple. I have chosen to keep my in...it is one less issue to deal since my veins are too tiny etc. good luck

  • Its a foreign body in you, so infection is a distinct possibility. Flushing is a cleaning up operation, no more and no less. So, to keep or not to keep the port is an individual choice. I would believe, keep it as long as its out of harms way.


  • Hi Minniemay....I've had mine since Oct. of 2014. After my first round of chemo I enjoyed a 27 month remission, but knowing the cancer would return, my doctor wanted to leave it in. I am having my first recurrence now, so leaving the port in was a good decision for me. Thank God, I have not had a problem with it. I would call the doctor if I were you and see what the doctor or nurse has to say. It could be nothing, but I do think it needs to be addressed. I wish you continued good health. Judyved

  • I had a port fitted today. They told me to report any pain in after the initial settling in period of a couple of days whether it was a week, month or years down the line

    He also said it has to be flushed every 4 weeks jo matter how long it's in and that it was important to stick to the schedule and also ensure anyone who went near it was properly trained to use it and that I had seen them wash their hands. I actually wondered if I would have the nerve to ask those two questions lol

    I would get it checked out just to be sure xo

  • I've had mine since March. I can't say I find it that comfortable, but my veins are shot and I started reacting to the adhesives in the PICC line dressings last time. They do say bustier women tend to find them more comfortable and less obtrusive. Did they give you a little card with your needle size on it? Do make sure to keep this info and tell them each time they're accessing it. I keep mine in my purse. xx

  • I had the port checked out yesterday....everything seems to be okay with it. No sign of any inflammation, infection, nothing has moved or cracked, no clotting. It does feel better & I see the oncologist herself on Aug. 10th, so hopefully, things will be settling down. I have pretty severe gastritis & acid reflux, & that can cause pains in the stomach area, chest area & the back. I'm thinking that the chemo really aggravated those conditions, so maybe, possibly that's what has been causing the discomfort. It's H...L getting old & unhealthy! Is there a group on this website concerning stomach issues?

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