Hello lovely ladies,

After recent events, not knowing what the future holds & with all my travel plans over the next 12 months, I've made a decision to buy myself a Mooncup!

A close friend of mine has been an avid advocate for years & after my last op (& consequential bleeding) I've decided that maybe now is a good time to be super kind to my body.

No chemicals, no faff, good for the environment & cost effective, it seems to tick a lot of boxes. Was just wondering if any of you lovely folk have had experience with them (good or bad)?

Jemima xx

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  • Sounds interesting Jemima - what's a Mooncup? ?? 😁😁

  • YUK ... Good luck with that one so glad I don't have sounds horrendous but maybe it's just me


  • Ha...def not for the squeamish! And I'm def not one of those! πŸ˜†

  • I've never used one (and will never need to worry about such things now πŸ˜•), but know several people who rave about them, but also a few who just couldn't get to grips with it! You've nothing to lose from giving it a try - good luck!

  • That's what I thought Yosh...worth giving a go at the very least!! The more I read, the more I like!

  • I bought one and tried it (long ago as I had a very early menopause) but I found it uncomfortable to put in and nigh on impossible to take out without contortions and general swearing. So in my experience it is a no. You may find it is just the thing....


  • Thanks Netti! Shame you didn't get on with it...

  • There might be different types nowadays so you might find it better than I did.

  • Omg sounds horrendous and I'm not squeamish! Glad I've gone through all that.. good luck with using it! 😝 Love Michelle x

  • I'd be worried it would go travelling... Mind you I never used tampons for the same reason. πŸ˜€

    Pleased not to have to worry about that anymore seeing as all my lady bits have gone for good.

    Good luck with it though but don't be tempted to do any 'dance off's' in public toilets as per the clip...😁

    Debs xx

  • You are a braver woman than me lol. I was a tampax girl. I like the natural idea but wonder about the hygiene issues plus do you cross your legs while washing it out?

    LA xx

  • I believe it's a quick rinse & pop it back in...once you've got the knack, you're talking a few seconds...#mooncuppitstop πŸ˜‚πŸ

  • Well I say go for it, if it doesn't work out its no big deal πŸ˜€

  • Bought one today!! Will give it a whirl...! πŸ˜„

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