CA 125 gone up from 20 to 42 after 3rd chemo treatment

I am quite upset as my CA 125 numbers were decreasing consistently after surgery and chemo treatments. They went from 178 pre surgery to 86 post surgery, to 28 after my first (intervenous) IV chemo, to 20 after my second cycle of IV IP chem then up to 42 after my third cycle of IV (intraperitoneal) IP chemo. My fear is that my cancer is platinum refractory. Any information would be appreciated.

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  • I suggest you discuss this with your Oncologist and see if he gives you answers, sometimes its goes up to come back down or perhaps you may have an underlying unknown infection of sorts. Do mention it at your next treatment

  • Thank you. I am scheduled to meet with my oncologist. I am hoping that it will have come down again but of course am worried about the increase especially since it is higher than 35. I had an fever but have been fever free for 7 days prior to the ca 125 blood test so imagine that did not affect it.

  • I hope it is nothing to worry about and sometimes the labs dont store the samples properly and they go off as the 125 takes a while to process, try not to worry and hopefully it will go down again

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