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Dear lovely ladies, some of you will remember me and my DD who had an unusual form of OC in 2010 and has been clear for some time. I sincerely hope I am only visiting this site today and not in for the long haul. DD has been having blood tests recently because she has felt more unwell than usual (she has ME and Fibromyalgia). We thought it might be her thyroid. Her thyroid is fine. However, her liver is not. It is not functioning well at all. Her blood is being tested for 22 separate things, some familiar routine tests that anyone might have and several I had never heard of, mostly to do with her liver, but 5 are specifically for cancer, including our friend CA 125. She is to have an ultrasound of her liver asap and an MRI scan for same, also asap. I am grateful that no one is hanging around, but naturally concerned. I know that with her history these investigations need to be done, to rule stuff out. She is 22 and does not drink because she does not like the taste of wine or any other alcohol, so any damage to the liver is not self inflicted and causes for the problem it would seem are very few outside of cancer. Trying so hard not to worry. xxxx

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  • Try not to worry, my cousin who had myeloma and has been in remission for four years had two poor liver results and went to see a specialist, it took six months to see him after hospital hiccups, and she works in one! By the time he saw her it had settled down and they are just going to keep and eye on it. He told her that after cancer treatment fluctuations and poor results is expected but the body can often pick up and recover without help.

    LA xx

  • Thank you Lily-Anne for responding so quickly. DD didn't have any aggressive treatment for her OC because it was believed to be hormonally generated - a teratoma, stage 1 -and chemo would not do anything to shrink tumours or help prevent more - another lady on this site had a stage three teratoma and chemo did nothing. DD was put into a menopause with Zolodex injections and had to take tiblerone. She now has a hormone implant in her arm. I do not know how much these treatments may have affected her liver, if at all? I guess it is just a case of waiting. I hope you are doing okay? Honey xxx

  • Waiting for all the oncologists to return from their sunny retreats lol. Try not to worry I think our bodies are quite good at recharging. If it is her treatment Im sure they will have a different strain of hormone

    LA xx

  • HI Honey, I imagine DD is in the right hands and having the necessary tests, she seems very young to have got this illness however I hope the doctors get to the bottom of it.

  • Thanks Suzuki. DD was 16 when she got OC, she is now almost 23 and has yearly MRI scans and has a hormone implant to control oestrogen levels. It was a rare and unusual cancer and she was incredibly young to have got it. I am sure she is in good hands and hopefully the tests will show that it is just a change of treatment that is needed. I appreciate the support and I hope things are okay with you?

  • Dear Honey

    Having read your post a few times I would say they are just being very thorough having taken into account her previous history. As earlier replies have said the body can pick up and settle and maybe it just means changing her meds. Of course it is worrying and she must be a very brave girl to have gone through all that so young. I will pray that they will find an answer that turns out to be a good one. Take care


  • Thank you Molly. XXX

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