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Morning ladies I'm due to start gem/carbo tomorrow 2nd line first line finished January this year! I was on watch and wait as I have no tumours only very slight .2mm thickening but my CA125 has gone to 1600 with a teaspoon of water in my pleural area! I feel fit and well working full time etc! I was given the option to continue to watch and wait but I was frightened of getting horrible side effects like a pleural effusion so decided to go on chemo! But I have been reading some ladies have tiny tumours and are still on watch and wait and have been for 12 months I'm just wondering if I have done the right thing should I have waited longer before agreeing to chemo can you share your thoughts and experiences please?


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  • Hi Alison

    Was Avastin not an option after your first cycle? It seems to have had a good effect on my ca125 and is easier to tolerate than chemo but I guess your onc is the best judge of where you are at.

    All the best with it ! Xx Lyndall

  • My oncologist put me straight on gem/carbo my bloods rose to 350.. i didnt want to wait just get it blasted out the way my motto.. so yet again holiday put on hold i could have waited but scared in case it grew i guess so start chemo tomoz and only saw oncologist last week xxx

  • Hi Alison and this is always a tough question to ask; I'm now going through 3rd line - have a small area on the surface of the liver and "nodes " here and there. My oncologist advocates that it's best to treat whilst well and asymptomatic as you're more likely to respond better!

    I think my only thought would be is to go with your gut instinct and what feels right for you - for me I'd be scared of every pain thinking the beast was marching on so was grateful to get back into treatment - gruelling though it is! !

    Good luck tomorrow xxx

  • One of the things I have learned is that gut instinct accounts for a lot. I too am on watch and wait. I think in the great scheme of things OC is unpredictable and presents itself differently in everyone making it a difficult fix. In your shoes I would write a list of pros and cons and how you feel about each one. Then ring your oncologist and ask for either a meeting or a chat on the phone to find out their reasoning behind the chemo and what they want to achieve. Then decide.

    These are serious drugs with side effects and potential consequences, it's important you are happy with the treatment plan beforehand rather than jump in and regret the decision to start now.

    Good luck

    LA xx

  • Alison it is definitely a tough call and even togher when you feel well. I think the positive thing is that you got past the 6 month mark and are still deemed to be platinum sensitive I know it's not a long break but I try to get to the 6 month point after chemo I'm on countdown until end of August as that's my 6 month mark

    I waited for 3 months last year and had a great summer but knew I was then ready to just get started. My friend Ann on here as the silentone was on it for a very long time and got a great break feeling very well. Maybe worth sending her a message

    I think Lily-Anne is right make that list and have a follow up with your Onc. I was fortunate that when made decision to wait he said I could start anytime and I just needed to call him. That gave me the reassurance I needed if I got any pain or was worried then it was a case of starting immediately without having to got through any more appointments etc. Maybe this is worth discussing then you could wait to see if there are any side affects or you get worried you can start.

    Your gut feeling does say a lot and what won't make a difference is delaying even a week until you gather your thoughts and make a decision. Make that call to your team and tell them you need another week to think it all through xo

  • Hi Alison I think it depends on whether you can cope with 'watch and wait'. I've had two recurrences (both small) but cannot cope with waiting and doing nothing so have opted to start chemo straight away each time although people do say that there is little benefit in doing so - not to the cancer anyway - but it helps my mental state. Hope you make the right decision for you . Kathy xx

  • Thanks ladies for your replies and advice I really appreciate it! I've deliberated all day weighing up the pros and cons but keep coming back to the same issue Ca125 of 1600 so I'm keeping my appointment tomorrow and starting the chemo! It's been a tough one but on top of everything I don't think my poor Hubby can deal with watch and wait!

    So here we go again

    Thanks again girls💕👍

  • HI Alison, I hope the chemo went well today, it is good to start with the advantage of being and feeling good rather than wait until you feel ill. You will tolerate it better this way. This is the thinking of my oncologist with my treatment

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