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Gob smacked

Hi everyone i was diagnosed with stage 4 OC last July had the usual carbo/taxol X 4 full debunking in November which resulted in a blood clot round my spleen and major internal bleed I was very poorly! Recovered quite quickly though and carried on with my last two chemo! Cancer was downgraded to 3c which I know isn't much better than 4 but still a small plus. Got the all clear after op and after last chemo!

Was tested for brca gene which was confirmed I am one of 6 no other cancer in our family

Had a ct n onc apt yesterday and was told that it's not back yet but on its way! I have thickening which they believe will turn into tumours. So on watch and wait! I expected to get a reacurance but not so soon!

Just wondering if any of you other ladies have been in the same boat?


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Sometimes I think that the amazing advances we've made in understanding cancer before it shows eg CA125 levels, cause us unnecessary worry. Alternatively you could say that it gives us some time to get our head in order. In my case, I'm confirmed BRCA and have just had my mammogram results back - clear! However I've also been told that rising CA125 levels again are expected to be the cancer back in the peritoneum (in my case after 2 years). I feel so well that I hardly believe it. I'm focusing on the now, and enjoying my life as much as I can (snatching a 5 day break in Crete this week!). I'm sure this is the best way to deal with it all. And you've got through it before too, Alison!


Hi Minard

thanks for the reply I am just waiting to see what my CA125 is before I make any further decisions.

Have a great time in Crete xx


Hi Alison,

Just put the C word on the back burner because none of us know what may happen and what do you do? Sit around wasting your good days on what may never happen?

So you go to Crete, thoroughly enjoy yourself and face whatever when it appears, if ever it does,you replied to me on the wedding on the beach and I never said we have a scare going on with my daughter aged 29 who is getting married,but, we are going to address it when we get back as she has had bloods 2 weeks ago and no one has come back, so my way of thinking is they would have done if it was untoward.

If you feel well, enjoy it and look out Crete, she's coming through!!!

Carole xxx

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I thoroughly agree, none of us know what may or may not happen and we are wasting precious time thinking about the mays and may nots, Enjoy your holiday in Crete. Carole forget about bloods scans and everything else and enjoy and embrace your daughters wedding day. It will be fabulous, with plenty sunshine and no soccer I hope. Time enough to face the unknown when this wedding has been celebrated to its fullest.


I'd enjoy Crete too, but we will be in Turkey lol! And o I can't say there will be no football, I am surrounded by Chelsea fans and I become brain dead around that, but, strangely I like the Euros and the World Cup, don't know why?

Won't matter, think England will be rubbish,but will try and post a photo on my return, glad you are ok,

Best wishes,

Carole xxx

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Hi Alison

You and I were dx in the same month last year and same stage. I have a scan on Monday 😰 . Did you mean you do have a BRCA mutation? I wasn't sure...

Are they going to put you on Avastin because that might stop it turning into tumours?

This disease feels like the sword of Damocles hanging by a thread over our heads...I am not sure that's something I can get used to really. Sympathetic hugs. Lyndall


Hi Lyndy

Thanks for the msg! Yeah I am BRCA1!! My two daughters are just waiting for their test apt to come through! It never ends does it!! I am so fit I walk a least four miles a day during the week and more at weekend and look the picture of health it's so unbelievable but I suppose that's a blessing better than aving this retched thing and feeling ill! My Ca125 just come back at 595 so it's definitely reared its ugly head again!

I can't have avastin because of the clot and the bleed it's to risky because it affects the blood vessels!

Good luck on Monday hopefully you will have great results I will keep my fingers X for you xx


Hi. Was really interested in your post, I was also diagnosed last July following a perforated bowel had op for that the surgeon thought it was due to bowel cancer, but because there were spots on the liver had to have biopsies. Which showed grade 4. Ovarian can. Had 6 chemo,s taxol / carbo. NO debulking surgery now halfway through 12 treatments of avastin. My last scan showed no visible disease. So it,s watch and wait. I feel so well weight increased. Energy levels also. Sorry to be long winded but sometimes it all feel surreal to me. Dreading the next scan results in 2 weeks. Hopefully a all continues to go well. Thoughts to you


Hi Valo thanks for your reply! You say you didn't have the de bulking op that's unusual isn't it? I know what you mean about surreal I've had three months of feeling normal and then they tell you it's going to rear its ugly head again and it makes you feel weird I can't describe it it's almost like your not really here and you are looking in??? Avastin is supposed to be a great new drug so I'm sure your next scan will be clear!!

There is a few of us ladies diagnosed last July lets hope this July we all get good news

Enjoy your weekend xx


Thanks for taking time to reply it does make you feel lost at times and it does help to be able to discuss any issues with other ladies, fingers crossed and stay positive. Will keep you updated. Best wishes x

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Don't let the doctors take your hope away. I was told after my treatment when I had my scan that there was still a small spot with fluid inside left. I was given no hope my cancer wouldn't come back. Just watch and wait. It has been a year and six months since my first treatment and my scan is clear. All has disappeared. So far so good. Statistic aren't good but some do beat this. Hope you join me in being one of those women that stay well. I am 3C ovarian cancer, it was in my lymph nodes and had mastazied.


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