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Steroids & Positive Weight Gain

To anyone who is struggling with their appetite or weight gain, steroids have helped my my mum so much.

My mum is 18 months into her diagnosis and on 3rd line treatment and it has only been this line of treatment they have suggested steroids, I wish they suggested them sooner or I had asked for them for her.

Mum has always been a slim size 8-10, however since being diagnosed she has been no bigger than a size 6 and has been smaller at times. Mum has never been a huge fan of food anyway and would happily go days only having toast for dinner...she has no interest in it really. Since being on steroids she hasn't stopped eating! Her appetite has been crazy, she is craving things and having cream cakes, big meals etc. and still wants more! Mum was dangerously underweight 3 weeks ago and couldn't keep a milkshake down in the end, they were talking about a feeding tube which we were all ready for her to have to have, however with a combination of new anti sickness and steroids she has been able to keep food down and eat away!

Mum has just had her week off of weekly taxol and went back today for the 2nd lot of weekly taxol and she has put on 11pounds in a 2 weeks! That is unbelievable for my mum, we was losing 2-3 a week and rarely putting anything on.

I wanted to share how great steroids have been for her if anyone else is struggling with not feeling hungry or not putting weight on easily, it might be worth asking your Onc.

Mum seems to look so much healthier and happier in her self, she has colour in her cheeks, a bit of weight on her neck and face etc. It gives her a sort of buzz too which she hasn't had for months :)

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Sounds like they have given you a boost too and its your mum taking them! Glad to read such a happy post. Wishing your mum well, Kathy xx

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How brilliant for you and your mum! Lovely to hear such positive news

Take care

Penny xx

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Excellent. Puts my moaning about 9 pounds steroid weight gain into perspective. Good luck to your mum. Seeing her glow a bit is a boost for all of you x


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