Itchy and scratchy!

Hello ladies, I am in bed, for the last 4 hours trying to relax. My hair seems sensitive and I keep running my fingers through my hair as its been 12 days since my first chemo. So now I am lightly tugging at it now. I can't stop. How do you getoverthe hair falling out. I think it's the thought of it falling out that's gets me. I have to meet the wig lady on Wednesday. She's so nice and friendly, perhaps I'll get more taken off it. Sorry for ranting on at 3:20 in the morning. Nighty night.

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  • Morning, I remember that tight and sensitive feeling so well ! (Aoril for me). I was SO worried about losing my hair and had it cut short before chemo. A few days after the first sensitive Scalp feeling I was in the shower, washed my hair and a lot came out. I was suddenly frozen in shock and had a real quick sob. The weird thing is I expected it to hurt as it fell out but it doesn't, it us the physiological aspect that you gave to come to terms with. I put up with my hair becoming very lank and dead and was very nervous about clipping it off but 4 days later my hubby used a £10' hair clipper (Tesco) and dud the deed. I have photos if that stage! I wept and suddenly - as it came off to a grade 2 - it was all OK. In fact I felt better, what a relief not to have that dry, dead, lank hair anymore. A few more days and it was grade 1, then as it continued to fall I helped it on its way by rubbing hard in the shower. Some wet razor at that stage too.

    It won't seem like it now but as you cut it clipper it the relief is immense. I don't wear my wig at all, au natural in the house and sometimes in the garden and I wear a little combat style cap outside. Never thought I'd get used to it but I have .

    Take care

    Clare X

  • Cutting it off would be my thought also. It's what I did, right after my first chemo. Of course, there was more to follow, then lashes, brows, etc. For your head, rubbing it off in the shower keeps you from just letting it fall out. I think the shock is partly because our hair is related to how we think of ourselves. I never used a wig myself. I live in California, it's just too hot. I got a few hats, but wore just one mostly. It said "Bad hair day" on it. It was black, bedazzled with rhinestones.,I ordered it from Amazon. Worth every penny! It always made me and also most of the people who saw it, smile.

    When your chemo is done and your hair starts growing in, you will be so thankful for that and for many other things. Good luck, I wish the best. You found a great site to get info from. Take care, Nesie 237

  • Hi

    I know exactly how you feel the hair loss I found hard to deal with but once you have a good wig you will feel better. On the positive side no waxing,shaving or plucking until chemo is over just watch out for the nose dripping especially on the dinner plate! I remember my nose dripping all over forms I had to sign for the oncologist.

    Good luck


  • Everybody deals with it differently. I couldn't do the shaving thing, but I did have my hair cut really short before it came out. I wore a soft, comforting, cotton hat at night (it was winter and I needed it!). My husband used to ask why the hoover was on every morning - it was me hoovering all the stray hairs out of my hat! During this time I rarely looked at my head. I got the wig before the hair loss, and once I put it on I got so many compliments and requests for the name of my hair stylist I got over the trauma a bit. Good luck, you will handle it. My hair came out late December and six months later I was going wig free with my new hair.

  • I got my wig before my hair fell out,but, it was thinning already with stress.

    When I had my wig, my 25 year old son shaved my head for me! I did cry but to be honest it was a relief to have it gone as it wasn't worth saving.

    I wore a wig out and got so many compliments,also hats around the house as it was cold.

    When my hair grew back, it grew back differently,but in the colour of the wig, so I no longer colour it and I now have it cut into a pixie cut and the condition is better than ever.

    I went without my wig 5 months after finishing treatment,so there are positives about this whole c thing.

    You will get through it and there are plenty of ladies on this site to help

    Carole xxx

  • I remember the awful itch. In a few weeks I will be going through it all again and will loose my hair for the third time. Over the weekend I washed all my hats in readiness.

    You may find washing you scalp with tea tree shampoo helps , it helped me.

    As soon as mine starts to fall I get my husband to clip it all off , it's worse to have it all dropping on the floor. At night I find it helps to put a towel over the pillow so it collects any little bits that are left.

    Today I am going to buy an extra bright lipstick and a new eyeliner , it always feels good to have something new to use .

    If you don't always want to use you wig suburban turban have some fab hats.

    I wish you well will your treatment. Keep at it I know how hard it is

    This is my seventh year of oc .

    Love Georgiexxxx

  • I feel for you I too am about to undergo third lot of chemo and will loose my hair yet again.

  • Done it twice so far, it's a bummer!

  • Sorry, I hope you get through your next bout quickly xx

  • Hey Damelza!

    Hope you got some sleep last night!!! I got mine cut up short before chemo and completely shaved then when it started to fall out which was day 14 for me! I just wanted to mention the look good feel good workshops they are brill for giving you a boost while on treatment and you get a great goodie bag of products too! They run them in UCHG and there is one on the 9th of August! Have a look on


  • I got a wig before it fell out but hardly wore it because it was so hot so I resorted to thin scarves and a baseball cap. I used the cap when I was going to the water the plants outside just to be quick. My hair grew back fastso I've hardly used the wig. That was 5 years ago and my hair hasn't fallen out with more recent treatment. Hope you keep yours and it grows back quickly if you do x

  • Hi you have had some great advice above. 18 months on from chemo i still get itchy skin. It may be the hormone tablets i am on.

  • Hi D......I didn't have any appreciable itch on my head, but as some of the ladies above, I had my husband shave my head when my hair started to fall out. I just didn't want to deal with the mess in the shower. I had my 18 weeks of chemo during a very cold and snowy winter here in New England, so I was mostly in a knit hat for outside, and a cotton one for inside.

    I wish you the very best.........Judy V

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