Today my team of magic workers are looking at my pet and Mir scans after my last ct showed progression of the blighter to my bladder. Was on watch and wait but worsening symptoms prompted me to ask for scan. Surgery might be possible (third time ) or chemo as plan B I have mucinous type OC not sure what type of chemo available as they decided against it after last reccurance 2 years ago and was on watch and wait but have had symptoms for 6 months. Nerves are jangling a bit today as I know my fate is being decided. Good they are acting but scary waiting for the verdict.

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  • Fingers crossed for you.

    LA xx

  • Completely understand how you must be feeling today, and as you say it's good that there's a plan being put together for you, Knoxie. Wishing you all the best x

  • Waiting is the hardest thing...sending lots of positive vibes to you..maybe do something nice for yourself today? You deserve it because this is tough stuff. Xx Lyndall

  • Thanks ladies it's nice to know you have the support of fellow wariors❤

  • Waiting for results is just awful, so hopefully you will know what the plan is before too long. Hope your treatment is soon under way and you start to feel better again. Ali x

  • Hope you're managing to calm your nerves. Waiting to hear results is so worrying so hope you hear today.

  • Good luck- fingers crossed !

  • Good luck and hope you get answers and plans x

  • I am sending very kind thoughts your way, yes the worst is waiting for the team to decide what is best. But whatever the results, you can do it and beat the beasties back into submission again.

  • Sending you a hug and best wishes. Hope you get a pla in place and it goes well. Kathy xxx

  • Hi knoxie - i'm new here, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck and sending lots of positive vibes x

  • many thanks for your good wishes so sorry you have had such a shock but the ladies on here are such an inspiration you need never feel alone hope all goes well for you and keep posting. Best wished Ann

  • Waiting is the worst, wishing you lots of good wishes x

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