Lazy or resting??

I did nothing yesterday but lay about watching tv. I had no effort to move or do anything. Today has pretty much been the same so far. I don't feel ill or anything just can't be bothered. I feel quite bad about being lazy or should I see this as my body resting?? I'm worried I won't want to do anything tomorrow either?? I can't wait to be back to some kind of normal, getting up going to work, socialising, holidaying.........

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  • Hi Millie

    You are not being lazy you are concentrating on your recovery...mental and physical! ❤️

  • Hi Millie. Sounds like resting to me..... having said that the feeling of cant be bothered can sometimes be because you are feeling down and you may have to force yourself to get up and force yourself to go out or do something, you may find you feel better if you do. Im speaking from experience. You've been through a lot, it takes effort to get back to a new 'normal' and so easy to slide into just doing nothing then getting frustrated because you've done nothing all day, then feeling down and so starts a vicious circle. Hope that makes sense? Hopefully if you just start to do something, put the lippy on and go for a coffee with a friend etc you'll feel brighter and then start to do more, baby steps tho. Kathy xx

  • Hi luv,

    Don't beat yourself up,I still have days like this and Im 16 months after treatment!

    I have to say that I do keep myself busy, but you have to do what you feel like doing and don't set yourself unrealistic targets.

    If you don't feel like going out, ask a couple of friends to you for coffee and a chat,trust me you will want to get a routine back, but only when it's right for you and don't rush things,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • It's fatigue. You are not lazy. Rest as much as you can. It's a side effect of chemo. Think of what those toxic chemicals are doing to all the cells in your body. When your treatment is done, it may well take weeks, even months, to get your energy back. Be kinder to yourself. Nesie237

  • Millie, lm the same as you and think to myself will I ever get mu energy levels back. I find no two days the same at the moment. I'm going for my hysterectomy tomorrow, then I've only 6-7 weeks of chemo to go( I have it every week as I'm on a trial) hope you soon feel more energized. Just listen to your body xxxx

  • Hi Millie, have you spoken to your GP about how you feel. If you have your bloods checked or get a mental health appointment as this could be depression following all that you have been through. It is not good for you to stay in this state of mind without being checked physically and mentally. Also it seems you may need help to get that spring in your step back. Go for it!

  • I have had a really lazy weekend because like you chemo has started again on top of major surgery. Double whammy! I also have had a manic life forever and often thought 'stop my life I want to get off ' so I'm embracing lie ins and doing nothing. I've never been able to do nothing. All that said I also know how low 'nothing ' makes you feel. I get frustrated when I do things because that's when you realise you don't feel like you used to and then that's a downer. I had the macmillan pamper day yesterday. That was a boost. Have you been on one? I'm going to make a cake today. Sorry family! We are harsh on ourselves so a small thing a day should be acknowledged as major. I can't believe how much I used to achieve in ten mins whizzing round the kitchen. I have to accept I'm a way off from that. Chin up. Don't beat yourself up. I really hope your spark starts to return soon. You know it's in there xxx

  • Hi. I know well that overwhelming feeling of lethargy that seems to take over, and when I felt afraid that lying around was becoming a habit, I made myself the challenge of going for a short walk each day, even if it was only 15mins to start.

    A bit of fresh air, a tree in blossom or song from a bird, stimulated my body and mind, and helped get me back to normal.

    Hope this helps. It might be worth trying anyway.


  • Resting definitely! I think we are so used to be up and doing that we find it hard to relax and rest when we need to and I think feelings of guilt can creep in. Good idea to maybe have a blood test to see if anything low. I know my red count was down and my cancer support nurse suggested I take a supplement called Filadix or something like that!!!!! Quite expensive but I found it really helped. I'll see if I can find the correct name and post it on here. x

  • It's called Floradix!

  • You're not lazy!!! Some days I couldn't even manage to watch TV, I just zoned out on the couch for half an hour, and then went back to bed.

    Last Saturday I moved from the bed, to the couch, and back to bed.

    I've been back at work for around 8 weeks (last carbo/taxol on March 4). I'm back working in Before/After School Care, and have just taken over a VERY difficult service... I wouldn't say I'm managing perfectly, but those lazy days didn't make it harder to get back in the swing of things.

    I'm still at work by 7am, I'm still dealing with the most ridiculous children, and demanding parents, and I'm keeping up with everything.

    (Edited to point out that I DID stare at the wall for a good 20 minutes without noticing this afternoon... So when I say managing, keep in mind this includes 20 minute space outs, haha)

    Rest when you need to rest, and don't beat yourself up over it. It's what your body, mind, and spirit need sometimes. If you don't fulfil the need when it arises, that need just grows. If you don't rest now, you'll have to rest more later.

    Be kind to yourself.

  • Don't think lazy think recharging your batteries! small steps. Chemo floored me with fatigue so I rested when needed and did one small thing a day until it became a bigger thing a day. Pamper yourself bubble baths a new makeup item, I read a lot took up embroidery the cushions were a disaster but I am proud of them😳 you have through the mill just be kind to yourself and talk to your gp, cns, they are there to support you. Best wishes Ann xxxxx

  • You're not lazy at all. You need time to recover. I find though that if I go outside for a walk I get more energy, even when I hadn't felt like doing anything. But don't blame yourself for how you are feeling x

  • Definitely sounds like resting to me! But I think Katmal is right, at some point you might need to make yourself do something, but I feel you will know when the time is right. Until then, enjoy resting - get a copy of the Outlander series from somewhere and watch that, it'll make the time fly by!!

    Take care

    Penny x

  • Don't beat yourself up about resting. Your body is telling you what it wants and needs, so listen to it. Xxx

  • Thankyou to all you lovely ladies for your replies and the time taken to reply, I do appreciate every response. My sister has booked me in tomorrow to have my eyebrows waxed as they have come back pretty much overnight. I know I may lose them again but right now they do need sorting and a I need something to motivate me into going out out. 2 birds and one stone and all that. Just hope I can make it. Positive mental attitude.

  • Well your body is in recovery mode so go with it but dont get into a rut either, there is a fine line between both. I did find post treatment that I didnt want to do anything but I did take it easy. However it is good to get out of the house and back in civilisation as well. Small walks enjoying the sunshine if you have it, driving to another area where you will only see strangers is also good to broaden the horizons. If you feel you are beginning to get down, do try and source a support centre near you. Most of us would have done this

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