Two years from finishing treatment new symptoms

Hi I have'nt posted lately. I am now 2 years from finishing treatment for Ovarian Cancer.

I had a CT scan at the begining of the month no further cancer but Fibrosis of the lung I have had breathlessness for sometime, also tests now for possible angina. Has anyone else had these sort of symptoms and is it possible they are the results of the chemo.



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  • HI Dee, yes I have had tests done they have prescribed beta blockers for irregular heart beat . I started chest pains and breathlessness during first round of chemo in 2012 chemo dose was reduced and I was given ventolin inhaler and GTN spray to releave angina type pain. I had worse pain during my 3rd round of chemo finished April 2015. I am still very breathless but the chest pain has greatly improved, I said all along it was chemo related. I do have mets in my right lung, at the moment I am on watch and wait trying to go as long as possible before more chemo. Love Bridie

  • Hi thanks so much for your reply. It's very helpful to know that others have similar things going on.

    I hope you can be stable so chemo is delayed as long as possible.

    The sun is shining here this morning always feels better than the rain!


  • Hello Dee. My mum gets very breathless and she is on heart tablets. I believe her heart was affected during debulking surgery back in 2014 as she had no problems before that. She had a CT scan on 23 June so am on the edge of my seat. She has been on three monthly 'watch and wait' since July last year, following 2nd line Caelyx. I'm just hoping everything has stayed put! The CT scan covered her chest this time in addition to her tum. Fingers crossed. Jane X

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I hope the results are good for your mum. I have just gone to a four month appointment. The waiting for results is always a tad anxious. I appreciate my daughters support as I am sure your mum does. Kind regards Dee

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