Good morning

Just a little update post op, feeling good , everything that needed to be taken was taken, everything straight forward and results in 2/3 weeks.

Everyone said day 2/3 the worst after op so waiting for that to kick in because I'm feeling great , tired but great ( maybe because of the drugs😂)

Catheter coming out today so should be able to move about more , feel I could climb mountains ( again probably still the drugs😂)

Actually may just go back to sleep for a bit , also the nurses are brilliant FACT!

Diane xx

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  • Forgot to say thank you to everyone for tips and encouragement , earplugs a godsend 👍🏻

  • Diane I'm delighted you are feeling so well and positive. What a lovely post for such a beautiful morning xxx

    Best wishes


  • Thanks you , feeling good 👍🏻

  • Good to hear you're doing so well post op although Id avoid any mountain climbing for a while yet lol! Wishing you well. Kathy xx

  • Thank you Kathy, I'll stick to getting out of bed for now haha x

  • Glad to hear you are feeling good, but take it easy. I felt like mountain climbing until they took out the catheter and epidural.....but it is better to be up and moving around even if you don't feel like it straight away


  • Hi Diane, its good to hear your feeling good. Glad to hear your pain control has been managed thus far. Be careful when you get up, don't go rushing, you might feel a bit dizzy. Take your time. Here's to an uncomplicated recovery. Ann xo

  • Well done Diane! Glad you are feeling sparky but don't forget to rest and enjoy the fact that it's over! Xx

  • Hi Diane

    Great you're feeling good this morning. Like previous posts take it easy when the effects of the epidural wear off

    Judy x

  • Glad everything went well and you are feeling good, just be a bit careful when the catheter comes out and you get up, although you feel good just take it easy no mountain climbing just yet ha ha xx

  • No mountain climbing this week - have lots of rest instead. :) When you get up, don't look down - was a good piece of advice given to me and walk slowly and as upright as you can. Hold on to your tummy if it helps. xx

  • Great you are feeling so good, but no mountain climbing for a while, unless its mountain climbing out of the bed. You are not supposed to lift any thing heavier than a cuppa for six weeks. But if you feel like walking up and down the ward or hospital corridor, it is good to get mobile.

  • Thanks ladies , walked to the loo on my own , took it nice and slow , feeling good , I promise not to climb any mountains 😂

  • Wow, amazing that you are feeling so good after the operation. I hope it stays that way for you. Make sure you keep taking things easy even though you feel like climbing a mountain. Rest is the best for a better recovery. Really pleased for you everything has gone well.

    Mandy, xx

  • Hi Diane

    I'm going into hospital soon. Been awake all night and op tomorrow. I hope to be joining you at the top of that virtual mountain. Well done. Hope your excellent recovery continues xx

  • Gleedy, it's so hard not be worried about the operation. I will be thinking of you and I will pray for an excellent outcome.. Keep posting (((gleedy))))

  • Thank you xx


  • Good to hear. You're healing now, that's got to be loads better than before. Don't ignore pain though and ask for meds to establish a control baseline before it gets worse. All the best.

    I felt GREAT right after the surgery (no doubt the pain meds/anesthetic were still kicking in from the operation) and texted my family the same.. they thought I was mad :) . Dipped down a bit over the following days but even so, it's still good to be without the tumours.

  • Good for you, Diane. So glad you're doing well. Keep up the good work! Judy

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