Bleeding-please help

I have just discovered some vaginal bleeding-I am 6 months post op and had everything taken out and have had 5 of my 6 chemos. I am stage 3 clear cell. Could it be the cancer back or have I ruptured something from the operation? Do I see my GP or ring the oncologist? I won't be able to get advice until Monday so would be grateful for any suggestions as am in a panic and had thought everything was going well.

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  • If your GP opens on a Saturday then ring first thing.

    If your chemo Unit is open today then ring them. You could still be having bleeding caused though the chemo- I did although I don't recall.if it went on all through my sessionSamsung.

    If no then ring 111

    That's what I was advised as my chemo Unit didn't open at weekends and You need reassurance.

    So take a deep breath and pick up that phone either when your surgery opens or now for 111.

    My surgery keeps its answer phone on for a few minutes so I always keep trying.

    They will probably ask you if it's fresh blood (red) or older blood ( browner) and pain level out of 10.

    Have you been overdoing exercise? Doing too much bending and lifting etc?

    Keep us posted.

    Clare xx

  • I did carry a pile of washing yesterday while dragging a bag of rubbish!

  • Hi Neona, when I started my chemo I was given a card to carry that showed I was a cancer patient and must be given priority treatment at any hospital I turned up at if I had any issues, I don't know if you have one of these but if so it is another option on top of the excellent advice Claire has already given you. You should get some advice before Monday even if it means going to A& E. I hope it's nothing serious and you stay well. Big hugs ❤️Xx Jane

  • Go to the hospital if you are worried. Or ring the chemo emergency line.

  • Do you not have a 24 hour phone number somewhere? If not there's the general one for the NHS, 111. I think you need to talk to someone soon. When I ring my doctor out of hours it gives me other numbers to ring. Or can you phone the oncology ward? That's what we had to do before they set up our chemo helpline. But try not to worry, there are other things it could be besides the cancer back. Don't we always think it's that? I had an infection which caused some bleeding and my doctor reeled off some other things it could be. I can't remember what they are - mostly Latin. But try not to worry until you can see, or at least talk to, someone and get an explanation.

  • I've had daily bleeding for 3 weeks and I'm 22 months past a complete hysterectomy and frontline treatment for fallopian tube cancer. I got an answer to my issue last week and have a treatment plan. I can possibiy help you by passing along what I learned in the last 3 weeks from several doctors that have seen me. While this isn't my case it might help you. Low estrogen levels can cause vaginal dryness and then cause the vaginal walls to bleed. Using a vaginal moisturizer product that is inserted deep into the vagina, not just on the outside tissues only can greatly help. However, please follow up with a Dr. soon. I'm in the USA and I bought Replens brand vaginal moisturizer without a prescription at my local pharmacy. It is applied with an easy to use applicator. I will be praying that you get answers soon. I understand your fear. Please keep me updated.

  • Just seen your Post, Neona. I can only agree with all the advice our friends have passed on to you. I hope you are now sorted out and have had professional advice and there is a simple explanation.

    Thinking of you,Solange xx

  • Can you ring the ward where you had your op? You'll have a number for them with your discharge papers.

  • Thank you everyone-I will post an update as soon as I have one. Our phones were taken out by the thunderstorms last week-I have just received the new ones and am trying to get them working! I am on blood thinners and am hoping this is the cause as it was day 10 after chemo so probably really low platelets as well.

  • Have just got through to the chemo helpline. They were very helpful but are not too concerned at the moment as it was an isolated incident with no other symptoms. Luckily I see the oncologist on Thursday so hopefully will get more info and will post an update.

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