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Truth and Fiction

I promised I'd come clean today so here goes. (Drum roll)

I really was a Northern Ireland champion judge of dairy cattle when I was 16 and a member of my local Young Famers Club. This organisation was a great social outlet for young people in a rural area and provided opportunities to try lots of different activities, public speaking, group debating, quizzing, and of course dances and discos. I remember I was flabbergasted when I won this competition. I though it was hysterical.

Apparently the Russian Minister of Culture did fall in love with me when he heard me singing in the bar during a European libraries conference in Bonn. I was told this a few months afterwards by one of the other Russian delegates whom I met at another conference in Paris. I was quite the jet-setting librarian in those days! From what I remember, the Minister was small, bald, fat and rather inauspicious looking. The handsome young Estonian who went on to be a high flyer in their diplomatic service was much more appealing!

So, I have never been in a hot air balloon, though its something I would like to do, but I doubt if I would ever get my husband to join me, given his fear of heights.

I'm delighted so many of you have entered into the spirit of this silly game and it's been great fun trying to sort out your facts from your fictions. Keep them coming.



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Dear Linda

Thanks to you for starting the game off. It was far from silly. We're often defined by our illness on this site so it was a refreshing change to hear some interesting facts or fictions about each other. The false statements were every bit as interesting as the truths.

I loved the story about the Russian Minister of Culture. It sounded so terribly glamorous and 'Dr Zhivago'. Shame about the handsome young Estonian - but I'm sure your husband wouldn't agree with that sentiment!

I'm 60 years old in January and have been rather hoping that none of my family think I'll want to go up in a hot-air balloon. I'm trying to think of something to mark the occasion and now I know many of you ladies have wonderful ideas for trips, events and activities.

Any ideas out there for my 60th? ???



Hi there Annie ..

Well as you are a romantic about an amazing trip on the Orient -Express ??

London to Venice looks wonderful but the grand tour of Italy even better ....

Very special but needs a lot of money as it does not come cheap ... Or you could just hire a really romantic sports car ..just for two of course ! A super picnic in the back .. with a bottle of champange , thermals on as its winter ...Brrrrr ..bit chilly now with the roof down ..head scarf on ..thats you of course !!! Sun glasses if its a bright and breezy day .... and off you go .... mind you that sort of car and all the trimmings would be just great in Italy !!!! so its back to the Orient-Express ..Ah well we can dream can we not .... and no Jan has not been reading too many Mills and Boon .....

Love Jan xxxxx


Just seen that Jackie has beaten me to it re the Orient -Express ..but did look at the web site ..Just brilliant stuff ... J xx


Just seen that Jackie has beaten me to it re the Orient -Express ..but did look at the web site ..Just brilliant stuff ... J xx


I love the idea of the Orient Express but I imagine my husband would be going for the sports car. Either way they both sound wonderful and I'm putting them on the list.

Not sure if I could do the headscarf thing. I'd probably strangle myself like Isadora Duncan.

I'm definitely thinking of these two. 60 is special isn't it and in our situation I think it's worth putting a bit of thought into it. Thanks so much for the dreams and ideas. It's really got me thinking. !!!! xxx love Annie Almost 60.


Well, if you don't fancy a ballon ride crossing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge on the North Antrim coast probably wouldn't appeal to you either. I'm sure our Bard will write you a poem but apart from that we will all have to give this some thought.



How about Annie Actually... going across blindfolded ? Or even blindfolded in the hot air balloon...(bit of a waste though) still we've all got time to figure this one out ....and perhaps we should consult Jackie...our very own queen of adventure teehee

:-/ ;-)


Hang gliding, sky diving, skiing, driving a hovercraft, driving a tank ( trying to sort that one out for me)',

Or a bit less adventurous how about a nice trip on the orient express or afternoon tea at the ritz.

Hugs Jackie xxx


nahh the first list - hang-gliding, sky-diving, skiing , driving a hovercraft, driving a tank. That's more me Jackie - but might take me the whole year to complete. xxxxxx


I can definately recommend hovercraft driving, sky diving and skiing. Yet to drive a tank so don't know yet. I will hopefully be driving a tractor next on my friends farm.

I'm sure you will have fun whatever you decide!

Hugs Jackie xxx


It's a great game Linda - what an interesting lot we all are.

Monique x


Ha Ha Ha .. i didnt think that would be the case at all.



Thanks for starting the game Linda!

It is really fun!



Yes! Yes! Yes! :-D I got it right (well I was wrong about the goat) :-(

But I thought you were blowing hot air on the balloon statement LOL

And it seems we've got our singer for members day ;-) Yippy! (What a relief) :-/

Vereeee interesting 8-)


I'd like to see a signed statement from at least one of those cows first! lol

well done for starting omething we can all laugh at


Beau x


Just ask any Holstein (or Friesian, as we used to call them!) ;-)


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