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Sending love to all

What sad news today. As so many others have said, Annie was one of the first to welcome and support me when I first joined the forum, and I saw every day how attentive, caring and helpful she was to so many. It's a loss for our community, and for the battle against OC, which Annie was such a warrior for. But hopefully we can all pick up the torch and carry on, inspired by her courage and kindness, and honour her memory.

I also want to say to each and every one of you here, especially those who have reached out to me with friendship and support when I needed it most, that I'm brimming with gratitude and love for you all. I'm rooting for you, ladies, and so proud of you all. Kerry xxx

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Kerry, that is so well put: we all need to support each other and Annie was the first one to post a reply when anyone had a problem. We have lost our 'General' but the fight goes on. Annie was so amused when I gave her that title!!


Yes we have lost our" General " but we keep on helping each other and the new people who join us.


Here here. Well said. I shed a few tears for Annie this morning and it has been a day of deep sorrow. I had a very emotional healing session with a spiritual healer today and my mood was lifted somewhat. Suzuki you were always second in command xx


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