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Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram

Hi All,

It looks like mums Carbo/Caelyx treatment has not been working and she has a blockage in her bile duct from her liver where the disease has progressed. They tried to put a stent in the bile duct today but it was unsuccessful therefore they are doing a Percutaneous Transhepatic. Cholangiogram procedure tomorrow which is known as PTC. Has anyone had this procedure done and have any advice? I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow with my sister and feel terrible as mum is in hospital now waiting for this to be done tomorrow. She was adamant she didn't want us not to go and got upset so we are going to go. It's only until Saturday lunch time. 

Speak soon - Amber 

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Hi Amber. I don't know anything about the procedure but wanted to wish you a happy holiday. As a mum of three adult daughters, I agree that one of my dearest wishes in all of this experience is that my daughters support each other and continue their lives (obviously whilst making a fuss of me inbetween ;) !). What better way than having a holiday together ?  Yes, it's rotten timing but am sure, with technology that you can keep in touch. I agree with Mum, so do her proud. Have fun and take lots of pictures for her to enjoy.   

Sandra x


I think your Mum is very brave and if she wants you and your sister to have a break, then have it and enjoy the time together.   Sometimes you need a break from hospitals and consultants, it will help to refocus the mind, Have a lovely time and your Mum will feel happier ye havent changed your plans.


Hi Amber, I too have two adult daughters and like your mum and the other ladies I would not want them to change their plans, especially when its such a short trip. Do lots, take lots of photos and I'm certain she will enjoy hearing and seeing what you were up to.  Best wishes to your mum. Ann xo


I'm on the other side of this ...MY mum and dad are away when I'm having my op.  There is no way I would ask them not to go.  They should not have to have this worry at their age anyway and need to go away.  It is not empty words from me when I said go.  As others have said technology will allow us to chat and I'll be so out of it for the first two days that she wouldn't be able to do much anyway. Hope this helps xx


Thanks guys! Both Jade & I went, however we landed in Barcelona and had a phone call from the hospital and had to get an emergency flight home. We managed to get there and back to mum within a day and been at the hospital since. Unfortunately there were complications no one could predict, she has an internal bleed that they cannot seem to keep under control at present. We will see what happens today. Xx


Oh am so sorry to hear this - your are all in my prayers. Sending you a big hug for strength and peace. X x


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