I ran a marathan yesterday!!

I ran a marathan yesterday!!

After the upset of being put on watch and wait in March I decided to carry on with my running  something that has really helped me deal with my diagnosis and subsequent treatments, ops etc helping me sustain a decent level of fitness! I signed up for the MK marathon and with the encouragement of my lovely running buddy sara and my amazing husband Darren we completed it in 6 hours 😊 I really felt all the way round I was sticking 2 fingers up to cancer....strange I know!! Managed to raise just shy of £600 also.  

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  • Amazing,

    I'm new to the site and just can't believe what you have been through and where you are now. 

    Running a marathon. I'm struggling to run to the loo at the mo. 

    Just goes to show the fight is so worth it. 

    Big thumbs up to all of u for what u have raised. Not just money, but oc awareness. 

    Makes me so positive for the future. Xx

  • Thanks Millie, feels great to be able to continue my running, when I was on treatment I to could barely get about, but slowly and surely it's back I do feel very fortunate xx

  • What a fantastic achievement Emalou well done to you and that's a great pic you look so happy!!! Long may it last!!! 


  • Thank you, I honestly have not stopped smiling so pleased I managed it 😀

  • Well done, that is truely amazing, you should be so proud of your achievement and I agree two fingers to Cancer

  • Thanks Suzuki 

  • Fantastic and very inspirational. What a great achievement and I love the happy photo. You look so happy and glowing. Well done .


  • Thank you I'm still buzzing x

  • Well done you, that is a fantastic achievement I am impressed to say the least! I'm doing a 10k a week on Sunday and have been wondering whether i should have entered or not! (Lol) but now I know I'm being silly because it's absolutely nothing compared to what you've just done! RESPECT TO YOU, AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT!!! Xxxxx

  • Thanks Jo, and good luck for Sunday the buzz when you finish is awesome. Please let us know how you get on x

  • I have done 3 before but none since my recurrence and I must admit I haven't done much training! :-/ I usually try and beat the hour but I think I'll have to take it easy and just not be so competitive against myself! It's on 25th may so I'll let you know. Again what a fantastic achievement you did, you must be so proud of yourself and so you should be! Hope you continue to feel well and I'll let you know how it goes!xx 😁😃

  • Good for you x

  • That's brilliant well done and you look great, can't believe you look that cool I'd be on my knees.

  • I could barely walk up the stairs when I got home, and had to come back down on my bum for the first few times lol 

  • Wow get you! 

    I'm in awe xx


  • Amazing !  Well done you!

    Best wishes


  • Well done you a great achievement x

  • Well done matey.

  • Many congratulations on that amazing feat! I can't walk to the local shop which is less than 200 yards away, without my muscles aching.

    Keep up the running,it obviously does you good.

    Best wishes,


  • wow what an achievement! an inspiration! you go girl! 

  • Brilliant. Well done. I walked a marathon the year I turned 50, couldn't do it noiw and definitely couldn't run one.  Amazing. Ann xo

  • Two fingers to it is so appropriate.  Well done you xx

  • Brilliant I have found being able to run helps me as well

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