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Happy May Day one and all, I have been on watch and wait for a while , I am stage 3 C serous OC with mets in Peritoneum and right lung. I was also diagnosed with Crohn's disease , my problem being symptoms for both are the same I have a scan booked for June 2nd due to go on holiday May 12th. I am telling myself it's the Crohns as symptoms are intermittent that if it was the cancer symptoms would remain constant .Hope someone else also has similar problem, but I know I will get some good advice.Love Bridie

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  • Hi Bridie,

    Sorry I can't be of any help, I just wanted to send you a hug and say enjoy your holiday.

    best wishes


  • Thanks Trish xx

  • HI Btte  Wishing you a happy May day back.  Crohns can be painful and tummy can be sore. My new daughter in law suffers from it  and it can be debilitating.   For now enjoy your holiday and forget about the little beasties,   Make sure you bring all the meds you need on holiday with you.  For the moment take this opportunity to relax and forget about the ct scan etc.   Have a lovely holiday best wishes

  • Thank you I will do my best. Xx

  • How was the wedding 😀?  Sorry for camping on to your post Bridie! Have a good holiday.  X

  • You can camp anytime you like. Xx

  • Thank you kind lady 😀. X

  • Wedding went well, I was teary but got over it, and was very serene afterwards.  I must put up a post and one or two photos with my daughters help.   Since I am drug free at the moment, the extra pounds have piled on though.  It was a lovely day and evening.   I am busy busy now minding my grandson while the happy couple get away for a few days.  They hope to travel in July to Canaries with the little lad.

  • Ah that's good - hope he's being a good lad for you.  I have been extra teary at my second daughters and god daughters weddings since my recurrence. I too am struggling with extra weight and finally think I am going to have to diet (have been resisting so far).  Booo to dieting!   X

  • Brodie

    I am sorry I can't help enjoy your well earned holiday have a great time lots of hugs.


  • Thank you Ellsey, I don't think their are going to be many others who have been diagnosed with both OC and Crohns . Xx

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