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fighting stage3 teratoma cancer

hi all my name is amy young women of 28years old from west of ireland was diagnoised with stage 3 ovarian teratoma cancer 19th of december 2013.i had my right ovary removed and lining and tube also some tissue from my left lining of ovary in which i still have. in 2013 the tumour mass was 17cm in which it is attached to my liver and also mass near my bowel.august 2015 my tumour presented at a size of 26cm.i started my chemo treatment february 2014 till october 2014.all tried and failed 24chemo and 2 stem cell procedures which also failed. i was on a morphaine drip for ten im on a wholistic health regime.currently i am now a strong cannaidate for surgery again? anyone would like too get in touch or would have any information that could benefit me in any way please get in touch.

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Hi amy2013Galway, I would suggest you go and get a second opinion if you can manage it.   Surely your oncologist can come up with something.  I assume you attend Galway but it not look to be referred there or to Dublin.   I notice you have gone holistic, well that is good and if it has worked for you even better still,     Have you been told if you will receive further treatment post surgery, that is something that to me would be important.   Can you speak to your gp, I hope he or she is approachable and find out what he thinks.    Just a few suggestions to start with, also do you have access to a gynae liason nurse, I find that our nurse down here can be full of advice and information.  I wish you well for your surgery.


Hi Amy,

I agree with Suzuki, maybe a second opinion might be an option for you. It sound like you have been through the mill. Please feel free to ask any questions you feel like here on the forum the ladies are terrific. Sending you a big but gentle hug. Best wishes xxxTrish


Dear Amy, my heart goes out to you. You have had a really rough ride. My Dear Daughter (DD) had stage 1 teratoma  ovarian cancer at age 16. She had a 20cm tumour attached to left ovary, which contained another type of cancer as well. Surgery to remove it was clean and easy and only took a part of the ovary. More tumours grew  and her lymph nodes were affected. She had a small tumour behind her right ovary one near bladder and two tumours attached to the bowel. She had major surgery including the removal of the omentum - looked like it contained immature cells - and the removal of her appendix which the drs thought was the source of the other type of cancer (carcinoid). For her all was successful and everything was found to be benign. Teratomas are, as you know, usually benign, albeit dangerous because they can attach to major organs. However she was left with 3 benign tumours, one of which was between the bladder and the womb and two on the Pouch of Douglas in the bowel - the drs were keen to avoid a hysterectomy and a bowel resection which would result in a permanant stoma - that part of the bowel is too difficult if not impossible to repair. DD was not eligible for chemo because chemo does not work on benign teratomas. Tests were done on the tumours that had been removed and because teratomas are thought to be hormonally generated (and are actually more common in men) she was given hormone treatment - she was put into a menopause with Zolodex injections suppressing her natural oestrogen and given synthetic oestrogen (small amount) and synthetic progesterone.  6 years down the line she is doing well with a hormone implant in her arm now and no recurrences and some shrinkage in the tumours on the bowel. She was told that treatment is working better than was hoped in the beginning. I know this is not your experience but I wanted to let you know that you have someone here who understands teratoma syndrome and sympathises with what you are going through. She also had laser surgery on her bowel for endometriosis. Some people have suggested you go for a second opinion and I would say it is always worth doing that. You need to have a good relationship with your consultant and to have a consultant who explains things and listens to your questions and answers them, and a CNS can be extremely beneficial. Really hoping life improves for you soon, with love and hugs,

Honey xxxxxx


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