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Caelyx/alendronic acid

I started both 3 weeks ago, caelyx for 2nd recurrence and a/acid for osteoporosis (last year I broke both my ankles -fragility fractures). For the past week my mouth/throat has been very sore with ulcers. I have swelling and pain in two fingers and one wrist, so much so that I would get them checked out if it wasn't for the fact that I'm on these drugs, perhaps fearing a break. Really what I'd like to know is does anyone else have the same problems using these two drugs? I don't want to go to my doctor (I'm thinking of changing doctors) but do have an appointment at oncology on Wednesday. Btw, I'm 3c diagnosed early 2013. Sorry to bother you when everyone else has so much to cope with. Carole Herbert x

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Hi cah48, your team should be able to give you something for the horrible mouth ulcers, it does seem to be a side effect of Caelyx.  In the meantime, try luke warm salt rinses if you can bear them.  You might be able to get Difflam over the counter to help as well.  I have found that good on other chemos.  Hopefully some one who has been on Caelyx will come on an answer you.   Maybe ring Ruth the Ovacome Nurse or perhaps your oncology Unit might phone a prescription through to your chemist.  I am not sure about your hand, if you are prone to fractures, that could be your answer, best get that gp move sorted 

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Hi there I have just finished 6 carbo/ caelyx, and caelyx is known to cause mouth issues my onc prescribed fluconazole as I got so bad I could hardly swallow hope this helps Yvonne.


Hi I've been on Caelyx and I had horrible mouth ulcers to, it seems to be a Caelyx side effect I'm afraid. My oncologist gave me a strong mouth gel and it cleared it up so do ask for something stronger. Hope you get sorted out, best wishes x


Thank you for your helpful responses. I went in to the walk-in centre yesterday and was given some Difflam spray which seems to be taking the edge off. As for the wrist and fingers, put down to chemo. I hope you all have a great day 😊 Carole x


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