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Caelyx side effects

Has any one else really suffered on Caelyx/ Carbo?

I started on Monday and today is D7. I've suffered terribly with migraines, bad heads and nausea during the night and also nausea during the day. I did wonder if it was a reaction to the ondansetron so stopped taking those as I just cant bear the migraine pain but now how no sickness cover. Going to see my oncology team tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else had these side effects ? All everyone told me before I started this combo was that it's a walk in the park compared to carbo / taxol but I'm suffering so much more and it's really getting me down.

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Hi - I had Caelyx only as 2nd line and also found it a tough gig! My nausea used to hit around day 5 for around 3 days and was so debilitating!

The only thing that helped was Emend which I started pre chemo and continued for 2 days and then ondansetron. Just about got through on this and 20% dose reduction!

And keeping cool in this weather doesn't help - try not to get too down! Let's hope the combo does its thing and beats the beast for a bit!

Love Maz xxx

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Hi there, I am so sorry you are suffering on this chemo. I hope for you this will soon pass & it becomes more bearable as you carry on.

I am on my third line, Caelyx/ Carbo. I have been on Taxol/ Carbo.

I haven't struggled as much on this one the symptoms are different it just depends how you can deal with them..

I had head aches for the first few days on both sessions. I drunk more water drinks but did end up taking pain killers. The biggest problem for me as been mouth uclers, bleeding gums, tooth lose, very painful tong to the point I haven't eaten or talked much. That was better than being on the other Chemo I thought my whole family was going to die!!! I was very anxious & kept making arrangement for my death in my head. It helped me be in control.

If it doesn't start to settle down see if they can put the Caelyx in slowerly. I am hoping that works mention it to your onc. It's take an hour I ask for 2 hour. When you think about it we are the ones suffering not the nurses Good luck Cindyxx


Hi I had Caelyx as 3rd line. Had really bad headaches particularly over one eye. At one point I thought I had shingles but it wasnt. Always started around the second day after treatment. MORAG


Caelyx was ok for me but carboplatin not - nausea, fatigue and now I'm allergic to it.


I am on caelyx 2nd dose this week. The steroids really keep the effects at bay but after they end i start with acid reflux, nausea, tummy ache, swollen ankles today. All treatable i hope. I do try & drink lots of milk or water. Juicing is very healthy. I would really recommend it.

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Hi I'm like you, but I got a blood clot also after my first session so now on injections to disperse x I also have domperidone tablets as part of my after chemo pack and these help sickness and help the food pass through the gullet easier. one tablet half hr before food x ask if you can get them x


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