Ascetes has cancer cells- immunotherapy? Or a lavage?

Well unfortunately not much time after my successful six rounds of chemo, i find myself after the biopsy or parascentis with malignant cells floating in ascetes. Pet scan showed no solid cancer anywhere else. Not good prognoses from what the intrnet says. Anyone in my shoes. Anyone have a lavage and targeted intraparatanial chemo flushed through paratanium? Or how about the out of reach unaffordable immunotherapy after having gene mutation test called Level one? just thought i'd ask! Good luck to everyone!!!

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  • Hi, sorry can't comment, this is all new to me but I am sure someone may have information but call the Ovacome nurses, the number is here somewhere.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Evelyn,I too had floating cells etc,I'm on a trial drug now Olaparib.i gave up reading the net because really the stats of 5 yrs survival or 5 yrs out of date.we're all different and behave differently to treatment.Im advanced stage 4,diagnosed 2014,no surgery,just chemo etc. xx

  • Hmm, interesting. Yup I was stage four cervical, very successful chemo, for that and then a month after chemo ends fluid becomes quite overwhelming... so just in decision mode of either the lavage chemo which seems good or there are a couple other drugs recommended but may be a bit out of reach price wise. I tried that foundation one test that does gene mutation testing. Not sure if the doctors can fit me in for trial or it just costs a lot of money. Do you have horrible indigestion and vomit sometimes??? Not very pleasant to ask but just thought I would!

    My daughter is really trying to get nutrients in but i barely eat anything!.. or can keep it in! Olaparib. Are you in the United States? I am in Canada!

    Hope you are feeling better than I do right now!

  • Hi Evelyn,I'm in Ireland.Lucky for us here all chemo etc is free.The Olaparib is on trial here,I know it's available in U.S not sure about Canada.Ive got meds for the nausea and also I was told to chew gum to prevent getting sick,and it really works. I had terrible heartburn and I also have Hiatius Hernia which doesn't help but again I've meds to help me there,I am also under palliative care and community care nurses. I went out to see the Patrick's Day parade today as my grand daughter was in it.It was very cold so I didn't delay out too long.I think the best medicine for us is positivity when at all possible and I've taken up "laughing Yoga" ,which I find

  • well! happy saint patrick's day! For the most part I think I am positive, but kind of nice to be able to relate with someone sometimes. You take care!

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