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Well ladies, the election came and went and I hope most of you were able to get out and vote. My experience was that I went off to the Polling station and being so eager nearly knocked down one of our candidates. He kindly held the door open for me like a true gent and he got his seat in the Dail. It remains to be seen what will happen on March 10th if anything but for me I am electioned out. Further to Kitties post, I notice on the paper that a firm of Dublin solicitors are seeking ladies with OC with a view to claiming from Johnson and Johnson. I thought that a little cheeky to say the least.

We had some nice days last week and also yesterday was good but we are unfortunately back with the rain again today. The wedding preparations continue and my son enjoyed his stag weekend in Prague. I hope all of you on treatment are doing as good as you can and that the side effects are miminal. Wishing you all well best wishes

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  • Hi Suzuki

    We have our Welsh elections to come in May. I wonder what the turnout will be. We then have the in and out referendum in June. Let's hope there's more of a Scottish turnout than what we're generally used to in the UK. Glad to hear you voted.

    I'm sorry it's poor weather again. It was freezing this morning in London but blue-skied so a lovely day. The magnolia is out already heralding spring which is my favourite time of year.

    Lovely to hear about wedding plans. You must be getting excited. I am excited about becoming a granny for the sixth time this July. All is going very well so far with my daughter's pregnancy and she looks radiant.

    Sending Loads of love xxx Annie

  • Ah Annie that is something to look forward to and it is the reason we keep doing what we are doing. We could end up with another election on our hands very early days to say what is going to happen. The two main parties did well and labour wiped out but the left wing has grown. So they meet in March to see if they can form a coalition and if not its back to more elections.

    Silly men that is all I can think.

  • It's a very changeable situation in Wales with distrust and disillusionment building over the scandals of the labour party. UKIP are predicted to win 7 or 8 seats in Wales which is unknown territory.

    Surely there are lots of women in your government? We have 50:50 men women. xx

  • I hope the 50/50 gender split remains after May. Wales leads the way. Partly due to a fairer voting system which I believe is ATV ?

  • Hi Suzuki, Like you I am glad to see the back of the elections but for how long. My house must have been black listed because I only had two callers and both of them were as they say were the monkeys not the organ grinder( or something like that) so I could not have a good rant with them as I had planned all they wanted to do was hand in the flyers and not take part in any discussion I was so disappointed. I didn't see the article about the solicitors in Dublin seeking Ladies with OC I think we have enough on our plates without court cases to worry about,I would love to know how they could prove if we used the said talc or not? Glad the wedding preparations are going to plan .Take care .Kittie.

  • I was thinking that too, and just felt they had a cheek, some firm of solicitors in Dublin it was. Well I dont know how they will set the country to rights. I did email one of the candidates re the Oncology service and he did reply. So will wait and see what happens and if a government is formed, I will contact the whole four and ask them to improve services.

  • I think some kind of Johnson and Johnson legal redress is needed if it's true that they knew about the possible effects. I'm sure lots of women my age used it on their babies. We must have been inhaling the stuff as well as using it when tired on ourselves cos it was nearest to hand and we smelt of babies anyway.

  • I must google that case in a few minutes. Yes we used it on the children and probably inhaled it but I havent read the full facts of the case. I have been asked to speak about it on local radio tomorrow and need to do my research. I know a solicitor up the country was canvassing for ladies with OC to contact him with a view to redress. This is jumping on the bandwagon too fast to be honest.

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