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Post debulking surgery bleed and infection

Hi it has been a year now since my debulking surgery and I was curious to hear others experience of internal infection and bleeding after surgery.

For me I had debulking surgery following 6 rounds of first line chemo. Lesions had been found on my bowel too but they were found to have disappeared at surgery. The surgery seemed to go well although my bowels shut down but I was told this was normal. A week later I was expecting to be allowed home the next day when I suddenly felt Very ill, within moments my body was expelling everything it could and I was drifting in and out of concienceness. I awoke on drips and being told I needed emergency surgery.

It was not a nice experience and I still do not feel I really understand what happened.

I wonder how common this is? Have others had this happen and do you still feel a little shoke up by the experience?

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I am sorry I have not had this experience. But if you still think about it after all this time and it is on your mind. Make an appointent with your ONC tream and ask them.

They ar effectively your team.




Gosh that sounds a rare and shocking experience and a year on is a while to still feel shook up by it. Fortunately I've never experienced it nor heard of it in women with hysterectomy before. I have had flashbacks and ruminating on other nasty experiences though and time has helped me make sense of the situation and put it to bed.

I'd ask your surgical team for an explanation of why it happened and perhaps counselling or CBT may help if there ia any remaining anxiety there.

Take Care

Sandra x


Perhaps the ovacome helpline may be a first port of call?


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