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Hi All,

I have been asked to have a HE4 blood test as well as repeating CA125 in a couple of weeks time- I have endo as well as fibroids and cysts of around 8cm on each of my ovaries- consultant is satisfied that my CA125 has been raised due to the endo- last time it was 125 and this was raised to 173 from my last blood test a couple of weeks ago- I have no idea whether this is high or normal for me? The consultant now wants to do a HE4 blood test as well as repeating the CA125 but I cant seem to find much info on UK websites about this blood test. Is this a normal test to ask for? I know that CA125 is not reliable in diagnosing cancer- I have 100% faith in my consultant he has been great- at my last appointment he advised that it would be better to remove my ovaries. I just wonder what the HE4 is for?

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Hi, if you do a search on HU site for HE4, there are a few threads with links and info about this test... There's one here that I posted on:

It's a newish test and as you'll read is being used more and more as its better understood... I do remember that it's particularly more useful for younger women (pre-menopause) and also if a woman has endometriosis or othe Gyny / inflammatory pre-conditions. Like the ca125, it's not straightforward but I would take heart that your consultant is using all the possible tools available to help find out what's happening and I wish you hope and best wishes Sx. Ps to search use the magnifying glass symbol at top left in the green banner at the top of the page!


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