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In remission or not??

I had a relapse early December and had the fluid drained in early January. It was then proposed that I have three 3rd-line treatments of carbo and caelyx followed by being put in an Ariel 3 trial at the RM. I think I was fairly fed up with the possibility of, going through it all over again! and decided to see if I could beat the ascities build up. I don't know how it has happened but I have been eating a bit differently, having a small meal about lunchtime, a good filling meal about 7pm and then nothing until midday the next day. I have pretty well stuck to it, weight has come off my hips and the tummy area just gets softer and softer. Have I found a 'cure'?? I know the CT scans show the build up of the fluid but how do you tell if the cancer is still growing?? My consultant is pretty impressed but doesn't comment further!! Any refections fromout there!! Gio

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I think the only way to find out is to have a ct scan to be honest. Great you are losing weight and that can help. But make sure your meals include veg and protein to keep your strength up. You do need to eat sensibly.


Thanks Suzuki. I hope the next scan gives me some direction. Thanks for the diet tips. Yes, I consider I do eat well, all my cooking is done at home and where possible I grow what I eat. Spinach is still growing in my polytunnel from last year and my seedlings are just starting to show through. Even carrots seem to be taking off, very difficult in our loamy soil but many thanks for the tips.

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Hi Gio. Your CA125 & CT scan are the best way to know how you're going.

Best wishes - Pauline


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