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I need jelp

I need help can anyone help me plzs im suffering terrible soreness at bottom of my abdomen and around at back and have a pain on left side under my rib cage and bowels hurt like mad ive been to hospital got a ultrasound done that came back clear and bloods came back clear theirs a lump up my back passage i felt it i went to doctors over it she checked it Out and said their was no lump their but i felt it and im thinking its cancer pleases ya dont get pains like that for Nothing i need to get a colonscope done as soon as possible but dont have money to go private i am terrified can someone give me bit of advice in what ya think it might be pleases does it sound serious or not ive been crying and all thinking im going to die im really scared the pain is uncomforable and its their whole time doesnt go at all and bowels are mot emptying at all i am literally terrified and dont want to die im only 29 and just had a baby 5 months ago im so scared plzs help guys any help will be great

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I am sorry you are in so much pain, can you go back to the hospital where you had the baby. Get a gp referral but if the ultrasound was clear and the bloods, its not much to worry about. Perhaps, you have piles and the colonoscopy should show this. I am not a doctor so this is not a medical opinion. But this can happen post baby. So start drinking lots of water, to help you go to the loo, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Piles can be extremely painful but easily remedied at the time of the scope. Try not to worry because this will only make you worse. Try and enjoy your little baby and get out walking as well, All this will help with the constipation. Good luck with your little one and enjoy being a Mum


Thank u so much i will do and i will ask them for a referral letter back to hospital where i had oisin i just hope to god its Nothing serious ill go walking and all


I am not a doctor as I said so its not a medical opinion but from experience, piles are horrible painful things. I had a scope last August and I am fine now, the piles were banded same day and I was fine after a few days. Your gp should have asked re your bowel motions so maybe you should tell him or her what is going on. You can get creams or pessaries to sort the pain from him. Take care


Catherine, you really need to talk to a professional and to keep on pestering them until you get to the bottom of what is happening to you. Your GP is the best person to keep pestering and, if you can, take your partner or a friend with you to support you. The Ovacome team or Macmillan may also be able to help so give them a ring and they may be able to help more than I can. Val x


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