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Hi I was diagnosed with stage 1V primary ppc last may. In the June I three weekly carbonation and paclitaxel chemotherapy. Then in September had debulking surgery with no residual disease. By December I had competed all the chemotherapy and had ct scan saying I had no residual disease. I am now on avastin for 12 month. I keep getting I intermittent pain my oncologist as reassured me that it is not associated with any other symptoms of concern. I am feeling fine in myself but was told by a gynaecologyst that it is not curable but the macmillan nurse said it's treatable

And she has known people live for year's with it. As anyone else been diagnosed with this


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You can get intermitted pain or sharp pains from time to time in the lower tummy or around the area of the tumour, my onc told me it was normal. However as you know I finished Avastin last October, the pain is subsiding a little and the tummy cramps are much less. Not that they were a bother really or too troublesome. You must also remember its not so long since your had surgery so while you are healed on the outside, your body is still healing on the inside. Hope that helps you

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I have pic stage 3c and it is not curable but is treatable. We are all very individual and yes treatment can go on for a longtime. There are women on here that are 10 years plus down the treatment line. See my previous posts and some of the responses as I have asked the same question and may give you some encouragement.

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