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Post menopausal bleeding


Hello ladies, I have been looking in on this site for a number of years now although I have never posted,there is something bothering me and I wonder if any of you can help me,back in 2009 I suffered a bout of postmenopausal bleeding age 58 this was investigated and nothing found,I was actually told theres no cancer, this continued every other month for 14 months, it was only a few spots which lasted 2 or 3 day, then it stopped and then I Began to feel unwell, 6 months later I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer my consultant who my I saw with the post menopausal bleeding said he doubted it was connected,i'am not so sure,I know that bleeding is not considered to be a symptom of ovarian cancer but I wonder if any of you ladies have had a similar experience, thank you in advance. Pauline x

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Hi Pauline ,I was diagnosed with OC after having post menopausal bleeding. I continued to bleed until I had surgery. I was told it is a symptom of OC. Before that I was well. I went through the menopause aged 42 and had the bleed age 55 three years ago . Kittie

Hi Pauline. I went through menopause at the age of 40 then had a bleed at age 48 which i put down to a long flight. However i went for a routine smear within amonth and it was one of the questions I was asked. Having said that it was some 7 months before I was finally diagnosed with OC. I had a 'cyst' which was only double checked 3 months later because I reminded the dr that my mum had OC . Kathy xx

Hi Kitty and Kathy, thank you for your replies can I ask what type of oca you have? Mine was endometrioid. Which is quite uncommon roundabout 10% of all cases. I just wonder what the link is because I am sure it is connected although my consultant said no.

Hi Pauline , I am not quite sure what OC I have all I know is its the common one .I am stage 3C high grade.I was told but can't remember, I blame the chemo for loss of memory even though I am not on treatment at the moment ( that's my excuse anyway). Kittie.

Hi Pauline. I have no idea..... My coping mechanism is not to ask, not to be told. I just do what I need to to stay alive and here I am nearly 8 and a half years on from diagnosis of stage 3 OC. Sorry, thats not very helpful lol

Eight years that fantastic!! I do know what you mean about too much information i also ask no questions, i only know my diagnosis because my histology

report was handed to me after i asked not to be told, anyway onwards and upwards and as my motto says keeponkeepingon.Paulinexx

To be honest I only had my stage confirmed by an occupational therapist in a report my employer asked for even though he had email advising both my employer and the dr not to put it in any report by both myself and my GP. daft as it sounds, even though I knew the stage because I know more than I want to about OC (my mum having had it) I never wanted it confirmed .

Hi Pauline sorry for posting so late at night but just read your post. I didnt have bleeding but after surgery and at every check up during my first chemo, I was asked by both oncologist and gynae, any unusual bleeding or discharge, the answer is still no. Now and again my onc or the registrar has asked me the same question so obviously there is a reason behind it. I am like you, I ask no questions, I cant wait to get in and I cant get out fast enough. I have completed three chemo regimes so far and stayed on Avastin until last October. My scan then was stable and the bloods okay. So am back for review in Feb but I feel okay enough apart from the horrible rain.


Hi Pauline

I had exactly the same symptoms as you and foolishly put it down to part of the menopause and never got it checked out. A year later the spotting started again but this time it got worse over a matter of days and it was at this point I went to my doctor. I was diagnosed stage 4. I often wonder if I had sought help at the very beginning that I would have been caught at an earlier stage however, I am still here 5 years later. Only in hindsight did I realise I probably had other symptoms but nothing that would have sent me rushing to the GP. So I would definitely agree that bleeding could be a symptom.

Take care

Chris xx

keeponkeepingon in reply to Hidden

Hi Chris, thanks for replying I was checked out within 2 weeks of the first bleed nothing was found I think they were looking for womb cancer and possibly missed something going on with the ovary I saw the same consultant and he said that it's not connected, but he would wouldn't he? however he was very good afterwards and had me transferred to a specialist hospital and I like you am almost 5 years. Have a good day.Pauline xx

Hi Suzu,i lol I know exactly what you mean,i'm at the hospital about 5 mins yes,no,alright,fine,and i cant wait to get out the door.Good luck with your review in February.

I was having spotting of blood before I was diagnosed with OC. I have a rare type of OC called granulosa cell, & I understand bleeding is a common symptom of this type, but it only affects a very small percentage of ladies with OC.


Hi D,i it seems we all have different types of OC and spotting can be an occasional symptom of all of them it just makes you wonder what the link is and why some people have it and most do not, you hardly ever see bleeding or spotting listed as a symptom of OC.

Hi Pauline it was the abnormal vaginal bleeding that sent me to the GP, the first gynaecologist I saw missed it I was diagnosed with stage 3high grade OC 2012. I am seeing my onc. tomorrow for results of last scan, but I do think it could be a symptom to be Bridie xx ps high grade serous.

Hi Pauline, I had post menopausal bleeding in April 2014, had loss of appetite in May onwards and stomach bloating and sickness in August.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 c and had my op in September with 6 months chemo until March 2015.

I am convinced the bleed was a sign that all was not right and probably should have acted then, but maybe wouldn't have been taken seriosly

Wish you all the best

Carole xx

Thanks everyone for your replys.

Hi Pauline,

since last October I have been bleeding and I have been told off my oncologist Dr that it is the chemo and the tumour causing this he prescribed me with trane x a mic acid tabs sorry the word is meant to be altogether. They didn't do a thing for me. Since I stopped taxol before Christmas I'm not bleeding but it is a discharge and it's the same as bleeding but just a different colour. I mention it every time I see Dr he said if I can have a couple of radiotherapy sessions this may stop it but at the moment just on a waiting game. I hope you get it sorted.

Take care


Hi Pauline I too had bleeding back in April 2015 and had gone through the menopause 7 years earlier, I'm now 57. I had all the tests and it was confirmed that I didn't have cancer. In December last year I was diagnosed with OC after experiencing a stabbing pain on my right ovary which was an 8cm tumour. I had a radical hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and still in shock as never felt ill and can't believe I have cancer. My consultant also said the bleeding isn't related to OC. One thing that has been highlighted to me as that after the birth of my son I couldn't have more children and underwent taking an infertility drug. I never fell pregnant with the drug but ended up having both my fallopian tubes opened which then followed with an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery. I'm told this could be related to OC having these gynae problems. It is all a mystery and very sad that so many women are diagnosed with this nasty disease when clearly there is lack of publicity...I had never heard of OC before.

Love Michelle x

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