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Looking for answers


I am 49 years old and have been going around in circles with the medical profession for over 6 months now.

The short story is that I presented at my GP's with weight loss. My friends and children had started to comment on it so much that I thought I had better get it checked out. At this point I had lost nearly two stones in about a year. I had gone from 10 1/2 stones to 8 1/2 (unintentionally I might add) All the bloods came back OK. I was experiencing vague other abdo symptoms so had endoscopy and CT colonogram but both were OK.

In mid July I first started to experience pain in Left lower abdomen ( I am sad and have been keeping a record of all symptoms). I told this to the GP but it was dismissed.

In mid August this LIF pain became more persistent and I became reliant on using a hot water bottle to soothe it. The pain in constant. Nothing makes it better or exacerbates it,

By December My weight had gone down to 8 stones, I felt ghastly. Desperately tired and with a constant pain in my left lower abdomen. I returned to my GP with a friend this time to try and get some answers. When I repeated to her about this pain she finally referred me for an USS that was done on 18th December. This revealed "something on my left ovary........that looks like it has blood in it". I was told that it will be re-scanned in 8 - 10 weeks. In the mean time I have seen a General Physician who also requested a Ca125 - result was 24. This month I also experienced, for the first time, mid cycle bleeding.

Any suggestions of what I should do, would be really gratefully received. Thank you so much

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It could be a cyst but you are right to persist, I had a low CA125 and it was thought a simple cyst. Where it may be nothing too serious you know your own body and just have to press on until you get answers. Have you had a referral to gynae because if you don't I would insist on one. If it's nothing, great. But don't be fobbed off.



Thank you so much for replying. I have thought all along that this is gynae. long standing LIF pain.....together with a very marked weight loss together with needing to pee urgently..... and then them finding this "something on my left ovary". In my mind it doesn't add up to rocket science to me. I haven't had a gynae referral. I'm waiting for the next USS appointment and results. Do you think I should ask for a referral before that?

Once again thank you so much for replying


I would, time is key, better to be cautious and find it's nothing than to sit back and wish you had. I've lost faith in the system over the last few months so personally I'd not hesitate now.



Well as it seems you do have a gynae problem, I would ask for a referral to a gynae for safety sake. I would ring your gp on Monday and sort that while you wait for the USS appointment. You may be heading in that direction but it could well be a simple cyst. Best for the specialists to suss it out and advise a plan of action


I agree with both Lily-Anne and Suzuki that you need to get your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist soon as. It may be nothing more sinister than a cyst but better to get it checked out by a specialist and to know what you are dealing with. It's good that you've been keeping a diary of all your symptoms too. They'll want to know all the what's and whys and whens - probably many times, so you'll be glad you made your notes!



Ladies thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my question. The Gp is fed up with me at her surgery now and after so many investigations is I am sure losing patience. Perhaps I should pay for a private referral if she won't refer me on nhs? Though with "something on my ovary" actually seen on the scan???? You're right. I'll see if I can get an appointment to discuss this with her..

Every morning I wake up hoping the pain Will have gone 😕


I really hope you get her to refer you - whether she's fed up or not really doesn't come into it. It's her job! But the clue's in the name - General Practitioner. With the best will in the world and by definition, they are not specialists. But with your recent history I would insist she refers you to someone who is, especially as the problem isn't going away. If she won't I would ask for a second opinion, which you are entitled to, if I were you. Is there another GP in the practice you attend that you could see? It's our NHS and it should be working for us. Beth X

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If it's filled with blood it could just be an endometrioma. (A lot of women go all their lives without symptoms of endometriosis, then get them all at once.)

But if you're not happy about the level of investigation, push for more.

My GP ignored me for 5 months. I have a history of a borderline mucinous tumor, and I presented with all the classic OC symptoms, and complaining of significant pain in my right ovary. He flat our refused to to a scan, even when the symptoms were getting worse. He even offered to send me off for counseling because I was "obsessed with my ovary."

If I had have been relying solely on him, my tumor wouldn't have been found.

Luckily I had a surgery lined up to remove all my endo. Even luckier, my surgeon took my history into account and didn't try to remove the tumor and sent me off to an oncologist.

In hindsight, I wish I had have written up a "I told you I was having typical OC symptoms on this date. I also reminded you of my medical history," and made the prat sign it, so I could go back and hit him with it.

If you feel like you're being dismissed kick up such a fuss that it's easier for them to treat you appropriately than it is to ignore you.


Hi Betty, the symptoms do look towards Gynae problems but I think you should insist that you are seen as soon as possible 8 to 10 weeks seems a long time to wait. i was lucky and was seen within the two weeks and this has made such a difference to my recovery. Whatever the outcome good or bad it is so possible to get through this and speaking to people on the support group was really helpful, we are here for you no matter what. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Linda x


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