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Hi Ladies

I really need your advice not for me but for my friend as I had womb cancer Aug 2014 I'm a bit out of my remit here

She had her op today for an 8cm cyst on her ovary was told it was a total hysterectomy including cervix and appendix plus biopsies to be taken of her liver and kidney is this normal procedure for ovarian cancer??

My appendix was left untouched as were my liver and kidney and I was stage 3 grade 3

Thank you

Pam xx

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Hello Pam, I suggest you ring the Ovacome helpline on freephone 0800 0087 054; the professional nursing staff who answer the line are, I suspect, the source of best advice and knowledge until your friend has the appointment for the results and findings.

Good luck to her and hope you progress well too. Definitely hope it is a happy New Year and 2016 for you both. Lesley


Thank you Lesley same to you xx


Hi Pami,

All the above they did for me also. As suggested call the team, they will be able to offer you excellent advice.

Caz x


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