This is my second Christmas now since diagnosis. Had my check up with the consultant in December. As I explained to my grandson all still quiet. I have a hernia on my scar site on my stomach which seems to be getting bigger. However its only really me that notices it. The lump I have in my groin is still there though which I try not to worry about. The consultant thinks it is from my recent hip replacement just nine weeks ago so will re evaluate at my next appointment in March. I would like 2016 to be a year of no admissions into hospital so here's hoping. I try really hard to stay positive and thankful. So I wish you all a Peaceful New Year


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  • Here here, a happy healthy new year to all!

  • Dee I have a hernia in my stomach that I have noticed is getting g bigger. Did they give you any advice on this ? It's not painful just very unsightly.

    Best wishes for 2016 xo

  • Hi Julie , no they didn't really, . I think I will say something again, not sure wether I want more surgery though! I agree it does feel horrible and as it is getting bigger I am more conscious of it.. Kind regards Dee

  • I could not deal with more surgery at the minute either. I enjoy my good days between my chemo. I was due to have a double mastectomy and had to put that on hold due to recurrence so will just add the hernia to my to do list.

    Thank you for replying xo

  • The list feels like it never gets everything crossed off!

    Glad to read you have some good days between chemo.

    All the best Dee X

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