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Hello everyone , Well finally the pic line is in, with the help of my GP, I took a tranquilliser beforehand. This was done on Monday, had a big bleed early Tuesday morning, this was soon sorted by the nurse, then followed by my Taxol chemo, which was absolutely fine.This procedure will now be weekly with one week break after 3 sessions. NowI am busy trawling through the web sites looking fore head gear. isn't every thing so very expensive? Still it my solve the Xmas present issue.Tried making aTurban myself from a long scarf, the result was hysterical. Because I now know I could be around and kicking into next year, I treated myself to 3 new tops. Loose fitting, because I still look very pregnant !!! Keep smiling everyone, I know it's all a struggle , but the alternative is unthinkable.I have set myself a target, getting up to Blackpool with theCaravan to see the Xmas lights.We all need something to think about and plan for. Lots of hugs to you all. Gill. X

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  • Well done Gill...give yourself a pat on the back and best of luck with rest of chemo. Try urban turban although not cheapest they are so comfortable x

  • Hi Gill, well done you! Hope the picc line behaves well and does the trick. Happy shopping - and happy planning for the next caravan outing.

    all best



  • Well done Gill, wishing you Good Luck with the rest of your chemo. Fingers are crossed for you getting to Blackpool to see the lights. Take Care. luv Trish x

  • Well Done Gill! You'll soon get used to the Picc Line. I used to forget mine was there to be honest, though I did use loads of clingfilm wrapping my arm to stop it getting wet during showers . Enjoy the Lights ! Kathy xx

  • HI Gill well done glad you got sorted with the line and that you have plans. I was in Malaga in Sept and discovered a shop which sells head gear and wigs quite cheap in comparison to here. Maybe plan a break away Best wishes with your treatment

  • I love Malaga - have you been to the quirky glass and crystal museum?

  • Gill.. Sending a big hug to you too. Xxx

  • Go to youtube.com put in how to tie a scarf to cover your head. They show the easy way to do it. I just had my head shaved yesterday and I am having fun trying the different looks. :)

  • Gill you are on the same 3 weekly and 1 week off procedure as me. I also have a PICC. I am having Taxol. Not bald yet but have thinned and have a very short haircut. Last time I did invest in a urban turban - they are great. Also in a normal turban. However this time as we are going into winter looking in charity shops, store 21 etc for trilby types hats to wear with normal neck scarfs just ties round my head.

    Never liked wearing the wig. Enjoy your trip to Blackpool.


  • Glad picc. Went well. We went to blackpool to see the lights. If you are a senior citizen you cañ use bus pass on the trams.

  • Wish you'd posted photo with the scarf - you're not the only one who's been there. I found square cotton ones easiest to tie though my chemos, now 3 times, have all been winter so I've mostly used a variety of woolly ones (first hastily knitted from left-over wool), and when it's warmer a rather stylish black one that reminds me of Donovan in the 60s. I've never been a hat person but have enjoyed trying on in TK Maxx. The Huddersfield branch always has something at around £6/7.

    Glad your PICC went ok.

  • What a positive attitude you' be got ...I was on weekly taxol too , hair thinned but didn't lose it all . When I did lose it all ( twice ) used a company called Bohemia Fashions ...very quick and reasonable . Afro / Asian beauty shops do a myriad of colourful stretchy turbans which you can just pull on ! They are a couple of quid ...have fun trying different looks and keep as well as possible .

    Good wishes ,

    Angela .

  • Anna bandana I think it's called. Good selection and I thought very reasonable. Good luck and enjoy xmas

  • HI Gill....so glad you have your PICC, and that it's functioning well for you. Your positive attitude will get you through. Sending good thoughts your way.......Judy

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